Fairtrade productsNutrisport- sports nutrition protein shakesproducts for gluten and wheat free diets, vegan and vegetarianSuma products … Billington’s sugarover 300 varieties of tea … freshly baked bread … Manuka honey … Fish4Ever productsMontezuma, Divine and Organica Chocolateand lots lots more

Why shop with us?

1. Keep money circulating in the neighbourhood economy

50-70% of every pound spent locally stays in the local economy1.

2. Defend local shops

By shopping with us (and other local independent shops) you are helping to preserve diversity and choice and contributing to a vibrant, friendly environment in the centre of Headingley. Currently £7 out of every £10 spent on groceries in the UK is spent in one of the major supermarkets2.

3. Reduce the miles travelled to do your shopping

We are easy to get to by bus, on foot or by bicycle. The average person in the UK travels 900 miles a year to shop for food3.

4. Eat well, feel better

Buy healthy, natural, organic and ethically sourced products here

5. Community owned and run

We are owned by local residents and shoppers and run by a committee of volunteers. Members can influence decisions and make suggestions about “their” shop.

6. Good value for money

We offer both specialist and everyday products. Many of our lines are cheaper than you might think and compare favourably with the major supermarkets.

7. Friendly, customer-oriented service

Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable about the products they sell and go out of their way to be help customers.

Support your local, independent, community-owned shop


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  2. Competition Commission,Groceries Market Investigation, 2007
  3. Ghost Town Britain ii: Death on the High Street, New Economics Foundation, 2003