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Pet Foods & Pet Care

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Delphi FoodsLemon & Coriander Houmous24 x 170gCV018
Delphi FoodsEdamame Beans & White Cheese12 x 200gSalad With Olive OilCV019
Delphi FoodsPuy Lentil & Couscous Salad6 x 185gCV070
Delphi FoodsCouscous Salad6 x 160gWith Chargrilled VegetablesCV271
Delphi FoodsMixed Salad With Olives12 x 300gWith Marinated Queen OlivesCV273
Delphi FoodsFresh Guacamole Dip24 x 150gCV278
Delphi FoodsChickpea Salad6 x 220gWith Feta and Sundried TomatoCV279
Delphi FoodsThree Bean Salad6 x 220gCV285
Delphi FoodsChargrill Red Pepper Houmous24 x 170gCV286
Delphi FoodsLow Fat Houmous24 x 170gCV290
Delphi FoodsHoumous24 x 170gCV291
Delphi FoodsTzatziki24 x 170gCV427
Delphi FoodsTabouli Salad6 x 170gCV428
Delphi FoodsLentil Salad6 x 220gCV429
Delphi FoodsAubergine Dip24 x 170gCV430
Delphi FoodsDolmades24 x 150gCV431
Delphi FoodsCarrot Houmous24 x 170gCV433
Delphi FoodsQuinoa, Edamame & Corn Salad6 x 190gCV461
Delphi FoodsColeslaw6 x 230gCV665
Delphi FoodsBean & Cracked Wheat Salad6 x 200gRed Kidney BeansCV673
FlorentinHummus Trio Pack6 x 250g3 Flavours Of HummusCV125
FlorentinHummus Extra With Pinenuts6 x 200gCV526
FlorentinHummus6 x 200gCV931
Holy MolyOriginal Guacamole20 x 150gCV346
Holy MolySpicy Guacamole20 x 150gCV347
Holy MolyPure Avocado Guacamole20 x 150gCV349
ProfusionOrganic Beetroot Houmous4 x 150gCV559
SumaPate - Mushroom (bombe)6 x 200gKeep Below 10 Degrees CCV401
Tideford Organic FoodsSun-Dried Tomato Pesto6 x 150gCV710
Tideford Organic FoodsBasil Pesto6 x 150gCV711
VbitesVegideli Beanfeast Pate6 x 150gMade With 7 Different BeansCV262
VbitesVegideli Brussels Pate6 x 150gCV374