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BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
BarenakedProtein Noodles6 x 380gWT004
BarenakedBarenaked Noodles6 x 380gSpaghetti Shaped NoodlesWT162
BarenakedBarenaked Rice6 x 380gRice Shaped NoodlesWT163
BarenakedBarenaked Spaghetti6 x 380gWT172
BionaSpelt Spaghetti White Organic10 x 500gWT021
BionaWhite Spelt Penne10 x 500gWT024
BionaWhite Spelt Fusilli10 x 500gWT025
BionaSpelt Spaghetti White Organic10 x 350gTraditionally RolledWT330
BionaWholemeal Organic Spelt Penne10 x 500gTraditionally RolledWT331
BionaWholewheat Spelt Fusili Org10 x 500gTraditionally RolledWT332
BionaSpelt Lasagne Sheets - Organic12 x 250gNo Eggs, No SaltWT333
BionaWhole Spelt Spaghetti -Organic10 x 500gTraditionally RolledWT334
CiemmeOg Gluten Free Gnocchi Plain12 x 400gWT136
CiemmeOg Gluten Free Gnocchi/ Quinoa12 x 400gWT138
ClearspringGluten Free Buckwheat Pasta8 x 250gTortiglioniWT052
ClearspringGluten Free Chickpea Pasta8 x 250gSedaniniWT094
ClearspringBrown Rice Penne - Gluten Free8 x 250gWith Quinoa & AmaranthWT148
ClearspringGreen Pea & Quinoa Fusilli8 x 250gWT149
ClearspringRed Lentil & Brown Rice Pasta8 x 250gFusilliWT150
DifattiGnocchi- Gluten Free12 x 250gWT151
DifattiTomato Gnocchi - Gluten Free12 x 250gWT152
DifattiSpinach Gnocchi - Gluten Free12 x 250gWT153
DifattiPumpkin & Quinoa Gnocchi12 x 250gGluten FreeWT161
Doves FarmOrganic Maize/Rice Tortiglioni8 x 500gWT002
Doves FarmOrganic Brown Rice Tortiglioni8 x 500gWT005
Doves FarmOrganic Brown Rice Spaghetti12 x 500gWT036
Doves FarmOrganic Brown Rice Fusilli8 x 500gWT038
Doves FarmOrganic Maize/Rice Penne Pasta8 x 500gWT039
Doves FarmOrganic Brown Rice Penne Pasta8 x 500gWT047
Doves FarmOrganic Maize/Rice Fusilli8 x 500gWT051
Doves FarmOrganic Maize/Rice Spaghetti12 x 500gWT053
Doves FarmOrganic Buckwheat Pasta8 x 500gWT133
Doves FarmOrganic Multigrain Pasta8 x 500gWT135
Doves FarmOrganic Maize and Rice Lasagne6 x 250gWT165
Doves FarmOrganic Red Lentil Penne Pasta6 x 250gWT166
Doves FarmOrganic Green Pea Penne Pasta6 x 250gWT167
Explore CuisineSoybean Spaghetti6 x 200g84g Protein A BagWT092
Explore CuisineEdamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine6 x 200g86g Protein, 36g FibreWT093
Explore CuisineBlack Bean Spaghetti6 x 200g88g Protein, 42g FibreWT113
Explore CuisineEdamame Bean Spaghetti6 x 200g90g Protein, 40g FibreWT114
Explore CuisineRed Lentil Penne6 x 250gOrganicWT142
Explore CuisineGreen Lentil Penne6 x 250gOrganicWT143
Explore CuisineGreen Lentil Lasagne12 x 250gOrganicWT144
Explore CuisineChickpea Fusilli6 x 250gOrganicWT145
Explore CuisineChickpea Spaghetti12 x 250gOrganicWT146
Explore CuisineRed Lentil Spaghetti12 x 250gOrganicWT147
IrisSpaghetti Organic White5kgWT076
IrisSpaghetti Organic Wholewheat5kgWT079
IrisPenne Organic White5kgWT081
IrisPenne Organic Wholewheat5kgWT082
IrisFusilli Organic White5kgWT084
IrisFusilli Organic Wholewheat5kgWT086
La Bio IdeaLasagne12 x 250gWT023
La Bio IdeaMacaroni Elbows - Wholewheat12 x 500gOrganicWT040
La Bio IdeaSpaghetti - Wholewheat12 x 500gOrganicWT041
La Bio IdeaShells - Organic12 x 500gWT044
La Bio IdeaTagliatelle - Organic12 x 500gFettuceWT046
La Bio IdeaMacaroni Elbows12 x 500gOrganicWT048
La Bio IdeaSpaghetti - White12 x 500gOrganicWT049
La Bio IdeaPenne (Tubes) - White12 x 500gOrganicWT050
La Bio IdeaPenne (Tubes) - Wholewheat12 x 500gWT074
La Bio IdeaTagliatelle Egg Pasta12 x 250gWT103
La Bio IdeaChick Pea Penne12 x 250gWT139
La Bio IdeaRed Lentil Fusilli12 x 250gWT140
La Bio IdeaLasagne Green12 x 250gWT232
La Bio IdeaLinguine12 x 500gWT237
La Bio IdeaLasagne White - Og No Pre Cook12 x 250gWT974
La Buona VitaGluten Free Penne12 x 500gWT026
La Buona VitaGluten Free Fusilli12 x 500gWT027
La Buona VitaGluten Free Spaghetti12 x 500gWT028
La Buona VitaGluten Free Lasagne Sheets12 x 250gNo Precook RequiredWT056
La Terra E Il CieloSpelt Cavatappi12 x 500gWT091
La Terra E Il CieloSpelt Penne12 x 500gWT873
La Terra E Il CieloSpelt Fusilli12 x 500gWT874
La Terra E Il CieloWhite Pappardelle Nest6 x 500gWT899
La Terra E Il CieloSpelt Spaghetti - Organic20 x 500gWT978
La Terra E Il CieloFusilli With Spinach - Organic12 x 500gWT982
La Terra E Il CieloCavatappi - Spirals12 x 500gWT990
OrgranRice & Millet Spirals7 x 250gWT077
OrgranBuckwheat Pasta Spirals7 x 250gWT078
OrgranVegetable Rice Spirals7 x 250gWT080
OrgranCorn & Veg Shells7 x 250gWT105
OrgranRice & Corn Macaroni7 x 250gWT109
OrgranQuinoa Penne7 x 250gWT112
OrgranCorn Spirals7 x 250gWT127
OrgranRice & Corn Lasagne4 x 200gInstantWT134
ProfusionRed Lentil & Flax Penne12 x 300gWT014
ProfusionChick Pea & Flax Penne12 x 300gWT035
ProfusionSprouted Spelt Tagliatelle12 x 250gWith Spirulina. 50% SproutedWT124
ProfusionRed Lentil Fusilli Gf12 x 300gGrain FreeWT129
ProfusionChick Pea Fusilli - Gf12 x 300gGrain FreeWT130
Seeds Of ChangeTortiglione - Og6 x 500gSemi WholewheatWT001
Seeds Of ChangeSpinach Trotolle6 x 500gWT003
SumaCorn Rice Fusilli Pasta - Org8 x 500gGluten FreeWT008
SumaCorn Rice Penne Pasta - Org8 x 500gGluten FreeWT009
SumaBrown Rice Fusilli Pasta - Org8 x 500gGluten FreeWT011
SumaBrown Rice Penne Pasta - Org8 x 500gGluten FreeWT013
Suma / IrisOrganic White Macaroni12 x 500gWT016
Suma / IrisOrganic Tricolore Spirals12 x 500gWT018
Suma / IrisOrganic White Fusilli12 x 500gWT075
Suma / IrisOrganic White Penne12 x 500gWT085
Suma / IrisOrganic White Spaghetti12 x 500gWT090
Suma / IrisOrganic Wholewheat Penne12 x 500gWT095
Suma / IrisOrganic Wholewheat Spaghetti12 x 500gWT120
Suma / IrisOrganic Wholewheat Fusilli12 x 500gWT125
YaksoMihoen - Organic6 x 250gGluten Free Rice VermicelliWT007
YaksoMie Organic6 x 240gGluten Free Rice Noodle NestsWT010