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Milk – Non Dairy

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
AlproAlmond For Professionals8 x 1lBarista Formulated DrinkTE004
AlproCoconut For Professionals12 x 1lFormulated For Use In CoffeeTE624
AlproSoya For Professionals12 x 1lFormulated For Use In CoffeeTE642
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze Nutri + Protein8 x 1lSY003
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze Nutri + Calcium8 x 1lSY036
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze Nutri + Fibre8 x 1lSY047
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze - Original8 x 1lSY061
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze - Unsweetened8 x 1lSY066
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze - Barista Blend8 x 1lSY101
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze - Reduced Sugar8 x 1lSY108
Blue DiamondAlmond Breeze - Vanilla8 x 1lSY111
BonsoySoya Milk6 x 1lSY072
ChampionSoya Milk Portion Packs12 x 20x12gFor Work, Travel, LeisureSY166
DreamRice Dream - Hazelnut & Almond12 x 1lJU307
DreamRice Dream - Original12 x 1lOrganicJU361
DreamRice Dream - Vanilla12 x 1lJU362
DreamCoconut Dream12 x 1lCalcium EnrichedJU488
DreamRice Dream - Calcium12 x 1lJU540
DreamAlmond Dream -calcium Enriched10 x 1lSY093
DreamQuinoa Drink12 x 1lAdded CalciumSY164
DreamAncient Grains Drink10 x 1lOat, Spelt & BuckwheatSY165
EcomilAlmond Drink Powder6 x 400gMakes 6 - 8 LitresSY012
EcomilNo Sugar Hazelnut Drink6 x 1lSY014
EcomilNo Sugar Almond Drink6 x 1l7% AlmondsSY021
EcomilCuisine - Almond Cream24 x 200mlSuitable For CookingSY030
EcomilAlmond Classic - Calcium6 x 1lCane Sugar SweetenedSY050
EcomilNo Sugar Almond + Calcium6 x 1l7% AlmondsSY053
EcomilNo Sugar Coconut Milk6 x 1lSY058
EcomilCuisine - Coconut Milk24 x 200mlSY059
EcomilNo Sugar Almond Vanilla6 x 1l7% AlmondsSY063
EcomilNo Sugar Coconut & Calcium6 x 1lSY073
EcomilNo Sugar Chufa Tigernut Drink6 x 1lSY125
EcomilCuisine - Shiitake Cream24 x 200mlSY134
EcomilCuisine - Cashew Cream24 x 200mlNo SugarSY137
EcomilNo Sugar Quinoa Drink6 x 1lSY142
EcomilCuisine - Bechamel24 x 200mlSY144
EcomilNo Sugar Hemp Drink6 x 1lSY155
EcomilAlmond Drink6 x 1lWith Agave & MaltodextrinSY275
EcomilSoya Drink Powder (sweetened)6 x 400gPlus Calcium. Makes 6-8 LitresSY279
Good Hemp FoodHemp Drink12 x 1lSY065
Good Hemp FoodHemp Drink - Unsweetened12 x 1lUse Like MilkSY175
Koko Dairy FreeCoconut Milk Drink12 x 1lWith Calcium & VitaminsSY038
Koko Dairy FreeCoconut Milk Drink8 x 3x250mlWith Calcium & VitaminsSY046
Koko Dairy FreeCoconut Milk Drink - Chocolate12 x 1lWith Calcium & VitaminsSY051
Koko Dairy FreeCoconut Milk Drink Strawberry8 x 3x250mlWith CalciumSY055
Koko Dairy FreeCoconut Milk Drink Chocolate8 x 3x250mlWith Calcium & VitaminsSY056
Koko Dairy FreeCoconut Milk Drink Unsweetened6 x 1lSY122
LehaSquirty Schlagcreme12 x 200mlSY092
Nature's CharmCondensed Coconut Milk24 x 320gSweetenedSY077
Nature's CharmEvaporated Coconut Milk24 x 360mlSY078
OatlyOatly Oat Drink Organic6 x 1lJU377
OatlyOatly Enriched - Added Calcium6 x 1lJU385
OatlyCream - Dairy Free18 x 250mlSY019
OatlyOatly Chocolate Drink6 x 1lSY045
OatlyOatly Chocolate Drink6 x 3x250mlSY091
OatlyOatly Oat Drink Foamable6 x 1lOat Drink For BaristasSY158
OoomegaFlax Drink Original Sweetened6 x 1lSY100
OoomegaFlax Drink - Macchiato6 x 1lSY102
OoomegaFlax Drink Original6 x 1lSY104
PlamilSoya Milk, Unsweetened - Og6 x 1lSY009
PlenishCoconut M*Lk8 x 1lSY118
PlenishAlmond M*Lk8 x 1lSY119
PlenishCashew M*Lk8 x 1lSY120
PlenishHazelnut M*Lk8 x 1lSY121
PlenishPlenish Coffee Almond M*Lk8 x 250mlSY161
PlenishAlmond Chocolate M*Lk8 x 250mlSY162
PlenishNatural Almond M*Lk8 x 250mlSY163
ProvamelRice Drink - Organic12 x 1lSY007
ProvamelCoconut & Rice Drink12 x 1lSY011
ProvamelSoya Milk - Unsweetened12 x 1lRedSY025
ProvamelSoya Milk - Unsweetened16 x 500mlRedSY026
ProvamelSoya Drink - Vanilla15 x 250mlSingle ServeSY027
ProvamelSoya Drink - Strawberry15 x 250mlSingle ServeSY032
ProvamelSoya Drink - Chocolate15 x 250mlSingle ServeSY033
ProvamelSoya Drink - Vanilla8 x 1lSY034
ProvamelSoya Milk - Light Blue12 x 1lSweetened, Calcium & VitaminsSY043
ProvamelRice & Almond Drink8 x 1lSweetenedSY064
ProvamelSoya Drink - Banana15 x 250mlSingle ServeSY067
ProvamelSoya Milk - Sweetened12 x 1lWith CalciumSY080
ProvamelCoconut & Rice Drink15 x 250mlSY086
ProvamelOat Drink - Organic8 x 1lHaferSY088
ProvamelAlmond Drink - Organic12 x 1lAgave SweetenedSY090
ProvamelAlmond Drink - Unsweetened12 x 1lSY094
ProvamelRice & Calcium Drink - Organic8 x 1lSY103
ProvamelSoya Unsweetened Organic Pmp12 x 1lRed - 1.19 Pricemarked PackSY123
ProvamelSoya Milk - Sweetened With15 x 250mlCalcium & Vitamins (Blue)SY126
ProvamelSoya Drink - Chocolate8 x 1lSY143
ProvamelCashew Drink - Organic12 x 500mlSY146
ProvamelCoconut & Almond Drink8 x 1lSY152
ProvitamilOat Drink6 x 1lWith Calcium, Vitamin B & DSY035
Rude Health FoodsAlmond Drink - Organic10 x 250mlSingle ServeSY004
Rude Health FoodsOat Drink - Organic6 x 1lSY037
Rude Health FoodsCoconut Drink Organic6 x 1lSY044
Rude Health FoodsHazelnut Drink10 x 250mlSY060
Rude Health FoodsCoconut Drink10 x 250mlSY082
Rude Health FoodsCashew Drink - Organic6 x 1lSY085
Rude Health FoodsBrown Rice Drink12 x 500mlSY105
Rude Health FoodsPeanut Drink - Organic8 x 1lSY110
Rude Health FoodsUltimate Almond Drink12 x 500mlSY114
Rude Health FoodsHazelnut/Cacao Drink - Organic6 x 1lSY115
Rude Health FoodsTiger Nut Drink Organic6 x 1lSY117
Rude Health FoodsAlmond Drink - Organic6 x 1lSY129
Rude Health FoodsBrown Rice Drink - Organic6 x 1lSY130
Rude Health FoodsHazelnut Drink - Organic6 x 1lSY148
Rude Health FoodsUltimate Almond Milk - Organic6 x 1lJust Water and AlmondsSY159
SojadeHemp Drink - Unsweetened6 x 1lOrganicSY010
SojadeSoya Milk - Unsweetened6 x 1lOrganicSY016
SojadeSoya Milk - Calcium & Apple6 x 1lOrganicSY018
SojadeSoya Milk - Vanilla & Calcium6 x 1lOrganicSY023
SojadeRice Drink - Calcium Enriched6 x 1lOrganicSY400
Soya SoleilSoya Milk - Calcium,Sweetened8 x 1lSY135
Soya SoleilSoya Milk - Unsweetened8 x 1lSY136
Soyatoo!Soy Whip - Spray Soya Cream12 x 250gPropellant Is Non OrganicSY375
Sweet RevolutionCoconut Milk Powder5 x 350gSY081
The BridgeOat Drink12 x 1lOrganicSY002
The BridgeRice Drink + Coconut12 x 1lSY008
The BridgeRice Drink + Almond10 x 250mlOrganicSY013
The BridgeRice Drink - Original10 x 250mlOrganicSY024
The BridgeRice Drink - Calcium Enriched12 x 1lSY042
The BridgeRice Drink - Cacao10 x 250mlOrganicSY068
The BridgeRice Cream - Organic10 x 200mlNon Dairy CreamSY150
The BridgeCoconut Drink12 x 1lOrganicSY160
The BridgeRice Drink + Almond12 x 1lOrganicSY452
The BridgeRice Drink - Original12 x 1lOrganicSY487
The BridgeOat Drink - Calcium Enriched12 x 1lSY560
The Coconut CompanyCoconut Milk Powder12 x 250gSY001
The Coconut CompanyCoconut Milk Powder - Organic12 x 250gSY116