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Jams & Fruit Spreads

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
BionaPear & Apple Spread - Organic6 x 450gJS001
BionaOrganic Apricot Spread6 x 250gSweetened With Fruit JuiceJS015
BionaOrganic Forest Fruit Spread6 x 250gJS016
BionaOrganic Strawberry Spread6 x 250gSweetened With FruitJS039
BionovaTangy Marmalade - Organic6 x 350gJS133
BionovaBilberry Jam - Organic6 x 340gJS137
BionovaStrawberry Jam - Organic6 x 340gJS140
BionovaRaspberry Jam - Organic6 x 340gJS141
Fruit TreeStrawberry Fruit Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ196
Fruit TreeApricot Fruit Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ197
Fruit TreePeach Fruit Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ198
Fruit TreeRaspberry Fruit Spread-Organic6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ199
Fruit TreeSummer Berries Fruit Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ200
Fruit TreeBlueberry Fruit Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ201
Fruit TreeMango Fruit Tree Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ204
Fruit TreeDolce Vita Orange Spread6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ446
Fruit TreeClementine and Ginger Spreads6 x 250gNaturally Gluten FreeKJ487
MeridianSeville Orange Spread -organic6 x 284gJS017
MeridianApricot Spread - Organic6 x 284gJS018
MeridianBlackcurrant Spread - Organic6 x 284gJS019
MeridianMorello Cherry Spread -organic6 x 284gJS020
MeridianStrawberry Spread - Organic6 x 284gJS021
MeridianPlum Spread - Organic6 x 284gJS077
MeridianBramble Fruit Spread - Organic6 x 284gJS078
MeridianWild Blueberry Spread - Og6 x 284gJS100
MeridianRaspberry Spread - Organic6 x 284gJS245
MeridianCherries & Berries Spread - Og6 x 284gJS304
NaturyaBaobab & Raspberry6 x 285gJS010
NaturyaGoji & Strawberry6 x 285gJS011
NaturyaMaca & Apricot6 x 285gJS012
NaturyaAcai & Blueberry6 x 285gSuperfood ConserveJS013
St DalfourCranberry & Blueberry6 x 284gJS009
St DalfourChestnut Spread - Gourmet6 x 284gJS026
St DalfourRaspberry & Pomegranate Spread6 x 284gJS046
St DalfourRaspberry Spread6 x 284gJS049
St DalfourStrawberry Spread6 x 284gJS050
St DalfourApricot Spread6 x 284gJS051
St DalfourWild Blueberry Spread6 x 284gJS060
St DalfourThick Cut Orange Spread6 x 284gJS061
St DalfourBlackcurrant Spread6 x 284gJS062
St DalfourBlackberry Spread6 x 284gJS063
St DalfourBlack Cherry Spread6 x 284gJS064
St DalfourMirabelle Plum Spread6 x 284gJS066
St DalfourFour Fruits Spread6 x 284gJS067
St DalfourFig Spread6 x 284gJS068
St DalfourOrange and Ginger Spread6 x 284gJS120
StuteApricot Extra Jam6 x 430gNo Added SugarJS005
StuteBlackcurrant Extra Jam6 x 430gNo Added SugarJS006
StuteRaspberry Seedless Extra Jam6 x 430gNo Added SugarJS008
StuteMarmalade Fine Cut6 x 430gNo Added SugarJS116
StuteStrawberry Extra Jam6 x 430gNo Added SugarJS119
SumaPear and Apple Spread12 x 300gJS200
TraidcraftOrganic Orange Marmalade6 x 340gGH165
TraidcraftOrganic Strawberry Jam6 x 340gGH166