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Household Products

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Cotton SoftFacial Tissue32 x 1NF468
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Norweaven Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF006
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Stargate Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF007
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Corncockle Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF009
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Lily Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF010
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Thief Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo-William MorrisNF011
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Stockholm Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF013
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Widdlebirdy1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF486
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Seaweed Marine1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF488
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Pomme Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF492
Ecoffee CupCoffee Cup - Happier Design1 x 14ozReusable Bamboo Cup 400mlNF493
EcoforceRecycled Dish Brush12 x 1NF003
EcoforceRecycled Dish Brush Refill6 x 2 PackNF094
EcoforceRecycled Clothes Peg7 x 115g24 Pegs Per 115g PackNF218
EcoforceRecycled Super Absorbent Cloth10 x 2NF347
EcoforceNon-Scratch Kitchen Scourer 3s10 x 3NF348
EcoforceHeavy Duty Kitchen Scourer 3'S10 x 3NF349
EcoforceRecycled Non Scratch Sponge 2s10 x 2Replaces Bathroom SpongeNF617
EcoforceRecycled Heavy Duty Sponge 2pk10 x 2NF618
Ecoleaf From SumaEcoleaf 3 Ply Kitchen Towels12 x 2 Rolls100% Compostable/RecycledNF091
Ecoleaf From SumaEcoleaf Facial Tissues24 x 1100% RecycledNF139
Ecoleaf From SumaEcoleaf Jumbo Kitchen Towel12 x 1 RollsNF140
Ecoleaf From SumaEcoleaf Toilet Tissue10 x 4 Pack100% Compostable/RecycledNF209
Ecoleaf From SumaEcoleaf Toilet Tissue Bulkpack5 x 12 PackPlain PackagingNF210
Ecoleaf From SumaEcoleaf Toilet Tissue5 x 9 Rolls100% Compostable/RecycledNF214
EcozoneMagno BallEachHJ320
EcozoneLed E14 5.5w Screw Fit Bulb1 x 1Ambient Warm GlowNF038
EcozoneLed E27 14w Screw Biobulb1 x 1Bright Daylight LightingNF043
EcozoneLed B22 14w Bayonet Bulb1 x 1Ambient Warm GlowNF052
EcozoneLed B22 Bayonet Biobulb1 x 1Bright Daylight LightingNF066
EcozoneLed E14a 5.5w Screw Biobulb1 x 1Bright Daylight LightingNF067
EcozoneLed Gu10 7w Biobulb1 x 1Bright Daylight LightingNF068
EcozoneCompostable Caddy Liner 10l25 x 22 Bags22 x 10 Litre CaddiesNF473
Emma's SoapsLaundry Soap - 40 Washes8 x 900gScented Soap and Stain RemoverNF195
Hill Brush CompanyVegetable BrushEachNF781
Hill Brush CompanyWashing Up Brush + Four HeadsEachNF782
Hill Brush CompanyBack & Body BrushEachNF783
If You CareSponge Cloths12 x 5 ClothsNF018
If You CareParchment Paper Rolls12 x 1 Rolls12 x (19.8m x 33cm)NF021
If You CareLarge Baking Cups24 x 1 Pack24 x 60 CupsNF023
If You CareHeavy Duty Aluminium Foil12 x 1 Rolls12m x 30cm Recycled FoilNF032
If You CareFirelighters12 x 1 PackWood & Veg Oil - 72 Per PackNF338
If You CarePaper Sandwich Bags12 x 48 BagsUnbleachedNF405
If You CareUnbleached Paper Roasting Bags8 x 6 BagsFsc ProductNF466
If You CareFirelighters12 x 28Non Toxic Wood & Veg OilNF491
If You Care100% Recycled Aluminium Foil12 x RollsNF500
LoofcoWashing Up Pad8 x 1HJ048
LoofcoWashing Up Brush6 x 1Made From Coir Fibre.HJ058
LoofcoCleaning Pad6 x 1Made From The Loofah PlantHJ125
NamasteCoconut Shell Lacquered Bowl6 x 1Mixed ColoursNF133
NamasteMoroc Inspired Mango Wood Bowl4 x 1Mixed Designs, 20x20x6cmsNF283
NamasteMoroc Style Mango Wood Plates4 x 1Mixed Designs, 25x25x3.5cmsNF284
PukkaBamboo Mug Turmeric Gold36 x 1NF474
PukkaBamboo Mug Ginseng Matcha36 x 1NF478
Siesta CraftsLong Colourful BuntingEach420cms LongNF289
Siesta CraftsMexican Serapa Throw/Rug/ShawlEach140x60cms. Mixed Colours.NF303
The Beeswax Wrap CompanyBeeswax Wraps Small Kitchen10 x 1 Pack1 Medium & 1 Small WrapNF371
The Beeswax Wrap CompanyBeeswax Wraps Starter Pack10 x 1 Pack1 Large, 1 Medium, 1 SmallNF373
The Beeswax Wrap CompanyBeeswax Wraps Medium Kitchen10 x 1 Pack2 Medium & 2 Small WrapsNF377
The Beeswax Wrap CompanyBeeswax Wraps Cheese Pack10 x 1 Pack3 Chesse Wraps 24cm x 24cmNF396
The Beeswax Wrap CompanyBeeswax Bread Wrap10 x 1 Pack50cm x 50cmNF399
The Cheeky PandaNatural Bamboo Toilet Tissue5 x 9 RollsNF039
The Cheeky PandaNatural Bamboo Toilet Tissue12 x 4 RollsNF044
TraidcraftFair Trade Rubber Gloves12 x 1 PairsNF181