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Candles, Incense & Holders

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Dalit GoodsPrashansa Candle In Pot + BoxEachPainted Kasmiri Pots.30hr BurnNF462
Dalit GoodsSonu Wavy Candle In BoxEach11 x 11cms. 60hr Burn Time.NF463
Filberts Of DorsetMini Candle Rolling Kit9 x LEnough To Make 10 Mini CandlesNF196
Greater GoodsAmrita - Earthy and Spicy1 x 20 SticksNF394
Greater GoodsCinnamon & Spice1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF444
Greater GoodsFrankincense1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF440
Greater GoodsGanesh - Rich and Sumptuous1 x 20 SticksNF403
Greater GoodsGift Box - 21 Fragrances1 SetNF413
Greater GoodsJasmine1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF448
Greater GoodsLila - Woody Patchouli1 x 20 SticksNF469
Greater GoodsLotus1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF446
Greater GoodsMother's Incense Fan - Mixed1 x Fan10 Fragrances Per FanNF119
Greater GoodsMusk1 x 12 SticksMarbled Pack, Milder FragranceNF449
Greater GoodsOm - Cassia, Vanilla, Amber1 x 20 SticksNF412
Greater GoodsOpium1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF445
Greater GoodsOrange Blossom1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF447
Greater GoodsOudh - Sensuous1 x 20 SticksNF408
Greater GoodsPatchouli1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF441
Greater GoodsPrem - Sweet Blend Of Jasmine1 x 20 SticksNF410
Greater GoodsRishi - Exotic Rose1 x 20 SticksNF402
Greater GoodsSattva - Woody1 x 20 SticksNF409
Greater GoodsShanti - Woody, W/Rose,Jasmine1 x 20 SticksNF411
Greater GoodsVanilla1 x 12 SticksMilder Fragrance, Marbled PackNF443
Greater GoodsYoga - Sandalwood Blend1 x 20 SticksNF393
Hambleden HerbsFrankincense & Myrrh6 x 40gNF353
Manchester Candle CoTealights - Unscented1 x 60New Pack SizeNF250
Moorlands Dipped CandlesBoxed Candles-Each One Multi11 x 1 PairsEach Candle Multi-ColouredNF130
Moorlands Dipped CandlesBoxed Candles-Various Colours10 x 1 PairsEach Candle Single ColourNF077
Moorlands Dipped CandlesChristmas Colours Selection10 x 1 PairsReds, Greens, WhiteNF291
Moorlands Dipped CandlesGiant Stubby 8" x 1.75"3 x 1 Single22hr Burn TimeNF322
Moorlands Dipped CandlesIvory Standard10 x 1 PairsNF597
Moorlands Dipped CandlesMixed Selection8 x 1 Single48 Hour BurnNF422
Moorlands Dipped CandlesRainbow Colours, Long Burn7 x 1 Pairs12 Hrs Burn, Mixed ColoursNF432
Moorlands Dipped CandlesRed Shades10 x 1 PairsEach Candle Single ShadeNF292
Moorlands Dipped CandlesScented - Geranium / Orange4 x 1 PairsNF306
Moorlands Dipped CandlesStandard 9" x 0.85"4 x Pairs8hr Burn TimeNF326
Moorlands Dipped CandlesStubby 4.5" x 0.85"7 x 1 PairsNF323
Moorlands Dipped CandlesStumpie 4" x 1.75"3 x 1 Pairs11hr Burn TimeNF735
NamasteAntique Finish Tealight Holder6 x 18 x 8 x 6cmsNF147
NamasteIron Tealight Holder - Medium4 x 1NF460
NamasteIron Tealight Holder - Small6 x 1NF417
NamasteIron Tealight Holder-Large6 x 19 x 9 x 11cmsNF154
NamasteRustic Finish Tealight Holder6 x 19 x 9 x 10cmsNF153
Siesta CraftsAsh Catcher - Elephant DesignEachColours VaryNF385
Siesta CraftsCurled Cat Tea Light HolderEachNF060
Siesta CraftsLong Hari Citronella Incense6 x 10Perfect For Outdoor UseNF288
Siesta CraftsLong Hari Nag Champa Incense6 x 5Perfect For Outdoor UseNF286
Siesta CraftsMeditation IncenseEachNF278
Siesta CraftsOwl Tealight HolderEachNF363
Siesta CraftsSatya Sai Nag Champa Incense12 x 15gNF285
Siesta CraftsTibetan Incense10 x 1Thicker Style IncenseNF351
Siesta CraftsTibetan Incense HolderEachWood With Carved DesignsNF352
Siesta CraftsWooden Elephant T/Light HolderEachNF426