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BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Comvita10+ Manuka Honey3 x 500gHY023
Comvita5+ Manuka Honey3 x 250gHY079
Comvita5+ Manuka Honey3 x 500gHY155
Comvita15+ Manuka Honey3 x 250gHY687
Equal ExchangeChilean Ulmo Blossom10 x 500gHY003
Equal ExchangeOrganic Set10 x 500gHY004
Equal ExchangeOrganic Clear10 x 500gHY005
Hilltop HoneyScottish Heather Honey4 x 227gHY010
Hilltop HoneyYucatan Honey4 x 227gHY024
Hilltop HoneyCut Comb In Honey - Acacia4 x 340gHY027
Hilltop HoneySoft Set British Honey4 x 227gHY029
Hilltop HoneyEucalyptus Honey4 x 227gHY030
Hilltop HoneyBlossom Honey4 x 227gHY031
Hilltop HoneyAcacia Honey, Organic6 x 370gHY075
Hilltop HoneyMulti-Flower Honey6 x 370gRaw HoneyHY076
Hilltop HoneyHoneydew Honey, Organic6 x 370gHY078
Hilltop HoneyCut Comb Acacia12 x 200gBoxHY084
Hilltop HoneyThyme Honey4 x 277gHY096
Hilltop HoneyLavender Honey4 x 277gHY097
Hilltop HoneyOrange Blossom Honey4 x 227gHY098
Hilltop HoneyLimeflower Honey6 x 370gHY301
Littleover ApiariesOrganic Acacia Honey4 x 340gHY037
Littleover ApiariesLavender Honey6 x 340gHY039
Littleover ApiariesOrganic Clear Wildflower Honey6 x 340gHY040
Littleover ApiariesOrganic Wildflower Set Honey6 x 340gHY041
Littleover ApiariesManuka Wildflower Honey6 x 340gHY043
Littleover ApiariesManuka Honey 5+6 x 250gHY045
Littleover ApiariesManuka Honey 10+6 x 250gHY046
Littleover ApiariesManuka Honey 15+6 x 250gHY047
Littleover ApiariesOrganic Forest Honey4 x 340gHY052
Littleover ApiariesEnglish Clear Honey4 x 340gHY070
MeridianPure Blossom Honey - Squeezy6 x 340gHY011
Raw HealthAcacia Honey6 x 350gHY013
Raw HealthTropical Honey6 x 350gHY016
RowseEveryday Honey - Clear6 x 340gHY258
RowseOrganic Honey - Clear6 x 340gHY263
RowseOrganic Honey - Set6 x 340gHY264
RowseEasy Squeezable Pure Honey6 x 340gHY265
RowseSqueezable Organic Honey6 x 340gHY267
SumaWildflower Honey - Clear6 x 340gHY063
SumaWildflower Honey - Set6 x 340gHY064
SumaWildflower Honey - Clear, Bulk3kgHY082
SumaWildflower Honey - Set, Bulk3kgHY083
SumaAcacia Honey - Squeezy10 x 350gHY095
TraidcraftGuatemalan Squeezy Honey10 x 250gHY028
Tropical ForestForest Honey - Clear, Organic6 x 340gFairly TradedHY032
Tropical ForestForest Honey - Set, Organic6 x 340gFairly TradedHY033
Tropical ForestForest Honey - Clear,Organic7lbFairly TradedHY601
Tropical ForestForest Honey - Set,Organic7lbFairly TradedHY602