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Herbs & Spices – Prepacked

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Black GarlicBlack Garlic Balsajo1 x 50gAged GarlicHE068
Dalit Goods12 Spice Box Plus Recipe BookEachHE046
Dalit Goods6 Chilli Spices & Recipe BookEachIn Gift BoxHE073
El Rey De La VeraSpicy Smoked Paprika14 x 75gHE013
El Rey De La VeraSweet Smoked Paprika14 x 75gHE075
Hambleden HerbsMulling Spices - Og6 x 25gHE070
Persian TraderSaffron12 x 125mgHE024
Persian TraderSaffron12 x 0.5gHE037
Persian TraderSaffron6 x 1gHE127
Smoky BraeSmoked Chilli Rub8 x 80gNaturally SmokedHE055
Smoky BraeSmoked Bbq Rub8 x 80gSmoky Seasoning,Spice MixHE058
Smoky BraeSmoked Garlic Rub8 x 80gSmoky Garlic Spice MixHE060
Smoky BraeSmoked Chilli Flakes8 x 40gHot Smoky Finishing IngredientHE062
Smoky BraeSmoked Sea Salt Coarse8 x 100gNaturally SmokedLJ091
SteenbergsSaffron - Fairtrade4 x 0.5gIn A JarHE047
SumaPeppercorns - Black6 x 250gHE001
SumaDill Herb6 x 15gHE002
SumaCelery Salt6 x 100gHE028
SumaCardamom - Ground6 x 10gHE029
SumaLemon Grass6 x 25gHE030
SumaLime Leaves - Whole6 x 4gHE031
SumaMethi Leaves6 x 7gAka FenugreekHE032
SumaSmoked Paprika6 x 35gHE034
SumaFajita Seasoning6 x 40gHE077
SumaFive Spice Seasoning6 x 40gChinese FlavouringHE078
SumaPiri Piri Seasoning6 x 40gHE081
SumaRas-El-Hanout Seasoning6 x 30gHE084
SumaChilli Flakes6 x 25gAka Crushed ChilliesHE116
SumaWhole Allspice6 x 40gHE132
SumaBasil - Rubbed6 x 20gHE133
SumaBay Leaves6 x 10gHE134
SumaCaraway Seeds6 x 50gHE135
SumaCardamom Pods - Green6 x 10gHE136
SumaChilli - Ground6 x 50gHE138
SumaCinnamon - Ground6 x 50gHE139
SumaCinnamon Sticks6 x 20gHE140
SumaCloves6 x 18gHE141
SumaCoriander - Ground6 x 40gHE142
SumaCumin - Ground6 x 50gHE143
SumaGinger - Ground6 x 40gHE145
SumaMarjoram6 x 10gHE146
SumaMixed Herbs6 x 20gHE147
SumaMixed Spice6 x 50gHE148
SumaMustard Seeds - Black6 x 50gHE149
SumaNutmeg - Ground6 x 20gHE150
SumaOregano - Rubbed6 x 20gHE151
SumaPaprika6 x 50gHE152
SumaParsley - Rubbed6 x 15gHE153
SumaPeppercorns - Black6 x 30gHE154
SumaPickling Spice6 x 50gHE155
SumaPoppy Seeds6 x 50gHE156
SumaRosemary6 x 20gHE157
SumaSage - Rubbed6 x 25gHE158
SumaTarragon6 x 12gHE159
SumaThyme - Rubbed6 x 30gHE160
SumaTurmeric6 x 40gHE161
SumaStar Anise6 x 25gHE164
SumaBouquet Garni6 x 6 SachetHE165
SumaCayenne Pepper6 x 50gHE168
SumaChillies6 x 25gHE171
SumaCoriander Seeds6 x 40gHE174
SumaCumin Seeds6 x 50gHE175
SumaFennel Seeds6 x 50gHE177
SumaGaram Masala6 x 50gHE180
SumaAllspice - Ground6 x 40gHE181
SumaArrowroot - Ground6 x 50gHE182
SumaJuniper Berries6 x 40gHE183
SumaMint6 x 20gHE185
SumaMustard Seeds - Yellow6 x 50gHE186
SumaNutmeg Whole6 x 20gHE187
SumaPepper, Black - Ground6 x 30gHE188
SumaCloves - Ground6 x 18gHE189
SumaCelery Seed6 x 50gHE190
SumaPeppercorns - Pink6 x 12gHE193
SumaFenugreek Seeds6 x 50gHE196
SumaMace - Ground6 x 20gHE202
SumaLavender6 x 15gHE204
SumaOnion Seed6 x 35gHE206
SumaAsafoetida Compound6 x 20gHE330
SumaCoriander Leaf6 x 10gHE332
SumaCurry Leaves6 x 5gHE333
SumaCurry Powder - Madras6 x 50gHE334
SumaCurry Powder - Mild6 x 50gHE335
SumaCajun Spice6 x 40gSalt FreeHE342
SumaMustard - Ground6 x 50gHE360
SumaPeppercorns - Mixed6 x 20gHE361
SumaCurry Powder - Hot6 x 50gHE363
SumaRack - 2 Rows Of 10 x 6 BoxesEach61.5cm Wide x 56.5cm HighHE901
Suma OrganicOrganic Herb Selection1 x 12Sumawholesale.Coop For DetailsHE017
Suma OrganicPepper - Black, F/T, Organic6 x 25gFairtradeHE162
Suma OrganicWhole Black Peppercorns Og, Ft6 x 25gFairtradeHE163
Suma OrganicCinnamon - Fairtrade, Organic6 x 25gFairtradeHE166
Suma OrganicWhole Cloves - Organic & Ft6 x 25gFairtradeHE167
Suma OrganicGinger - Organic, Fairtrade6 x 25gFairtradeHE169
Suma OrganicTurmeric - Organic, Fairtrade6 x 25gFairtradeHE170
Suma OrganicBasil - Organic6 x 20gHE365
Suma OrganicBay Leaves - Organic6 x 10gHE366
Suma OrganicCaraway Seeds - Organic6 x 30gHE367
Suma OrganicGreen Cardamom Pods - Organic6 x 10gHE368
Suma OrganicCinnamon Bark - Organic6 x 15gHE369
Suma OrganicCinnamon - Organic6 x 30gHE370
Suma OrganicChilli Powder - Organic6 x 25gHotHE371
Suma OrganicCloves - Organic6 x 20gHE372
Suma OrganicCoriander Seed - Organic6 x 40gHE373
Suma OrganicCoriander - Organic6 x 40gHE374
Suma OrganicCumin Seed - Organic6 x 25gHE375
Suma OrganicCumin Ground - Organic6 x 25gHE376
Suma OrganicDill Herb - Organic6 x 15gHE377
Suma OrganicGarlic Granules - Organic6 x 25gHE378
Suma OrganicGinger - Organic6 x 30gHE379
Suma OrganicMixed Herbs - Organic6 x 20gHE380
Suma OrganicMixed Spice - Organic6 x 25gHE381
Suma OrganicMustard Seed - Black, Organic6 x 50gHE382
Suma OrganicNutmeg, Organic6 x 20gHE384
Suma OrganicOregano - Organic6 x 20gHE385
Suma OrganicPaprika - Organic6 x 25gHE386
Suma OrganicParsley - Organic6 x 15gHE387
Suma OrganicPeppercorns - Black, Organic6 x 25gHE388
Suma OrganicPoppy Seed Blue - Organic6 x 40gHE389
Suma OrganicRosemary - Organic6 x 20gHE390
Suma OrganicSage - Organic6 x 25gHE391
Suma OrganicTarragon - Organic6 x 10gHE392
Suma OrganicThyme - Organic6 x 25gHE393
Suma OrganicTurmeric - Organic6 x 30gHE394
ZaytounZa'atar Wild Grown Herb Mix6 x 80gZesty SeasoningHE224