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BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Aloe DentAloe Vera Charcoal Toothpaste6 x 100mlDY511
Aloe DentAloe Vera Coconut Toothpaste6 x 100mlDY516
Aloe DentAloe Vera Whitening Toothpaste6 x 100mlWith SilicaDY836
Aloe DentAloe Vera Sensitive Toothpaste6 x 100mlWith EchinaceaDY849
Aloe DentAloe Vera Childrens Toothpaste6 x 50mlStrawberry FlavourDY852
Aloe DentAloe Vera Mouthwash6 x 250mlDY864
Australian Tea TreeTea Tree Toothpaste6 x 100mlFresh & WhiteDY192
Dr Bronner'sPeppermint Organic Toothpaste1 x 140mlDY544
Dr Bronner'sCinnamon Organic Toothpaste1 x 140mlDY546
Dr Bronner'sAnise Organic Toothpaste1 x 140mlDY549
Environmental ToothbrushThe Environmental Toothbrush12 x 1SoftNF616
Environmental ToothbrushThe Environmental Toothbrush12 x 1ChildrensNF642
Environmental ToothbrushThe Environmental Toothbrush12 x 1MediumNF660
Green People CompanyChildrens Spearmint&Aloevera12 x 50mlSpearmint & Aloe VeraDY014
Green People CompanyMinty Cool12 x 50mlSensitive Gums & Dry MouthsDY216
Green People CompanyFennel Herbal Fresh12 x 50mlSensitive GumsDY253
Green People CompanyCitrus Herbal Fresh12 x 50mlSensitive GumsDY254
Green People CompanyPeppermint12 x 50mlAll GumsDY255
Green People CompanyChildrens Mandarin12 x 50mlAloe V,Mandarin,Orange,MyrrhDY256
Humble BrushToothbrush - Adult Soft White20 x 1DY787
Humble BrushToothbrush - Adult Medium Blue20 x 1DY789
Humble BrushToothbrush - Adult Med Purple20 x 1DY790
Humble BrushToothbrush - Kids Soft White20 x 1DY791
KingfisherFennel Toothpaste12 x 100mlDY111
KingfisherChildren's Strawberry T'paste12 x 75mlDY161
KingfisherMint Toothpaste12 x 100mlDY190
KingfisherCharcoal Naturally Whitening12 x 100mlDY416
KingfisherBaking Soda & Mint Toothpaste12 x 100mlDY527
KingfisherMint Fluoride Free12 x 100mlDY529
KingfisherAloe Vera Tea Tree Mint12 x 100mlFluoride FreeDY668
KingfisherAloe Vera/ Tea Tree Fennel12 x 100mlFluoride FreeDY669
KingfisherFluoride Free Fennel T'paste12 x 100mlDY800
LaveraPropolis-Echinacea Toothpaste4 x 75mlWith XylitolDY591
SarakanMouthfresh Rinse6 x 300mlNo Alcohol Or FluorideDY035
SarakanToothpaste6 x 50mlDY113
The Natural Family CoTwin Pack Toothbrushes8 x 2Pirate Black/Ivory DesertDY485
The Natural Family CoTwin Pack Toothbrushes8 x 2Rivermint & Ivory DesertDY490
The Natural Family CoWhitening Toothpaste6 x 110gDY494
The Natural Family CoSensitive Toothpaste6 x 100gDY496
The Natural Family CoOriginal Toothpaste6 x 110gDY498
UrtekramAloe Vera Toothpaste6 x 75mlHelps Protect GumsDY395
WeledaToothpaste - Calendula6 x 75mlPeppermint FreeDY146
WeledaToothpaste - Ratanhia6 x 75mlNaturally Strengthens GumsDY147
WeledaToothpaste - Plant Gel6 x 75mlGentle On Tooth Enamel & GumsDY149
WeledaToothpaste - Salt6 x 75mlHelps Neutralise Plaque AcidsDY150
WeledaRatanhia Mouthwash1 x 50mlNatural Antiseptic MouthwashDY224
YawecoAdult Toothbrush - Soft6 x 1Assorted ColoursDY012
YawecoAdult Toothbrush - Medium6 x 1Assorted ColoursDY015
YawecoMedium Refill Heads6 x 1 x 4pk6 Packs Of 4 Toothbrush HeadsDY332
YawecoVegan Soft Refill Heads6 x 1 x 46 Packs Of 4 Toothbrush HeadsDY362