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Ready Meals – Frozen

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Amy's KitchenMargherita Pizza8 x 369gXL188
Amy's KitchenSpinach Pizza8 x 397gXL189
Amy's KitchenGluten-Free Chinese Noodles6 x 270gXL191
Amy's KitchenG/F 3 Cheese & Kale Bake6 x 255gXL261
Amy's KitchenGluten Free Chilli Mac6 x 240gXL262
Amy's KitchenBean & Rice Burrito12 x 170gVegan Contains WheatXL270
Amy's KitchenCheese, Bean & Rice Burrito12 x 170gContains Dairy and WheatXL271
Amy's KitchenFree From Bean & Rice Burrito12 x 156gDairy and Wheat FreeXL272
Amy's KitchenFree From Macaroni Cheese6 x 255gDairy & Gluten FreeXL273
Amy's KitchenRice Macaroni Cheese6 x 255gXL274
Amy's KitchenGluten Free Vegetable Lasagne6 x 255gXL275
Amy's KitchenIndian Mattar Paneer6 x 238gXL276
Amy's KitchenIndian Vegetable Korma6 x 269gXL285
Amy's KitchenMacaroni Cheese6 x 225gXL286
Amy's KitchenCheese Enchilada6 x 255gXL287
Amy's KitchenBlack Bean Enchilada6 x 269gXL288
Amy's KitchenVegetable Lasagne6 x 269gXL293
Amy's KitchenGluten Free Bean&Rice Burrito12 x 156gContains CheeseXL364
Amy's KitchenThai Red Curry6 x 285gXL434
Amy's KitchenBroccoli and Cheddar Bake6 x 270gXL435
Amy's KitchenGluten-Free Vegan Veg Lasagne6 x 255gGluten Free & Dairy FreeXL436
Amy's KitchenGluten-Free Cheese Pizza6 x 170gWith Rice CrustXL437
Amy's KitchenGluten-Free Manhattan Burger12 x 270gVeggie BurgerXL438
Clive'sArabian Chickpea Pie6 x 250gXL019
Clive'sSaag Aloo Curry Pie6 x 250gXL020
Clive'sChestnut & Bean Cassoulet Pie6 x 250gXL021
Clive'sHungarian Goulash Pie6 x 250gXL022
Clive'sGreek Lentil & Olive Pie6 x 250gXL023
Clive'sMexican Chilli Pie6 x 250gXL024
Clive'sCreamy Mushroom Pie6 x 250gXL025
Clive'sGluten Free Aloo Gobi Pie6 x 250gXL026
Clive'sGltn Free French Cassoulet Pie6 x 250gXL028
Clive'sGluten Free Lentil & Olive Pie6 x 250gXL029
Clive'sGluten Free Minty Chickpea Pie6 x 250gXL030
Clive'sG/Free Vegetable Chilli Pie6 x 250gXL032
Clive'sVegetable Chilli Pasty6 x 190gXL039
Clive'sSoysage Roll10 x 120gXL040
Clive'sThai Veggie Curry6 x 400gXL041
Clive'sMoroccan Tagine6 x 400gXL042
Clive'sOrg G/F Mushroom & Leek Pie6 x 235gXL114
Clive'sOrganic G/F Homity Pie6 x 235gXL135
Clive'sBombay Vegetable Tart6 x 190gXL323
Clive'sLentil & Kale Ragout Tart6 x 190gXL324
Clive'sTomato and Olive Tart6 x 190gXL336
Clive'sPea, Carrot and Cumin Tart6 x 190gXL337
Clive'sOrganic Nut Roast6 x 280gXL338
FrysSausage Rolls10 x 400gXL234
FrysPepper Steak Style Pies10 x 350gXL296
FrysCountry Mushroom Pies10 x 350gXL297
FrysCurry Pies10 x 350gHalal & Shuddha CertifiedXL390
GoodlifeCatering Pack Falafel50 x 25gNot For Retail SaleXL163
Goodlife14 Falafel With Cumin5 x 280gWith CorianderXL265
Linda MccartneyDeep Dish Country Pies6 x 2 x 190gXL131
Linda MccartneyMeat Free Sausage Rolls12 x 342gXL133
Linda MccartneyCheese, Leek and Onion Plaits6 x 340gXL230
Linda MccartneyVegetarian Wellington Bites8 x 340gXL321
Mamma CucinaVegetable Quiche Dairy Free6 x 2 x 150gXL213
One Planet PizzaThree Sheese Margherita Pizza10 x 430gXL303
One Planet PizzaFungi Feast Pizza10 x 455gXL304
One Planet PizzaHawaiian Pizza10 x 458gXL305
One Planet PizzaMediterranean Vegetable Pizza10 x 486gXL306
SamosacoLarge Vegetable Samosas30 x 1XL334
VbitesPeri Peri Burgers6 x 440gXL235
VbitesScampi Style Bites6 x 350gWith Black Pepper & LemonXL237
VbitesVegetable Bake Fingers6 x 400gXL238
VbitesCheezly & Tomato Pizza6 x 160gXL376
VbitesCheezly Ham & Pineapple Pizza6 x 205gXL377
VbitesCheezly Meatless Feast Pizza6 x 207gXL378
Wicken FenFalafel6 x 230gXL382
YutakaVegetable Gyoza Dumplings10 x 240gXL343
YutakaQuinoa Gyoza Dumplings10 x 240gXL344