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Meat Free Alternatives – Frozen

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
FrysChicken Style Strips10 x 380gXL010
FrysBeef Style Chunky Strips10 x 380gXL074
FrysVegetarian Mince10 x 380gXL075
FrysCrispy Prawns10 x 250gXL196
FrysSoy & Quinoa Country Roast6 x 500gXL228
GoodlifeMushroom & Spinach Kiev6 x 250gWith Cheesy Garlic FillingXL253
Impulse FoodsOrganic Tempeh10 x 227gXL107
Impulse FoodsOrganic Garlic & Herb Tempeh10 x 227gXL109
Linda MccartneyScampi Style Bites8 x 250gXL301
Linda MccartneyVegemince10 x 1kgXL308
Linda MccartneyVegetarian Pulled Chicken6 x 300gXL320
Oumph!Kebab12 x 280gXL315
Oumph!Pulled Pork Style12 x 280gXL316
Oumph!The Chunk12 x 280gXL317
Oumph!Thyme & Garlic12 x 280gXL318
QuornChicken Style Pieces12 x 300gXL056
QuornQuorn Mince12 x 300gXL058
QuornGarlic & Herb Fillets12 x 200gXL060
QuornFamily Roast (Chicken Style)8 x 454gXL062
QuornSwedish Style Balls10 x 300gXL066
QuornBacon Style Strips8 x 150gXL069
QuornVegan Pieces8 x 280gXL210