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 BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
TeasCafedirectEveryday Tea6 x 160 BagsTE390
TeasCafedirectEveryday Tea Decaff6 x 80 BagsTE637
TeasCafedirectEveryday Tea6 x 80 BagsTE690
TeasCafedirectEveryday Tea2 x 1100 BagsTE691
TeasClearspringKukicha Loose Tea - Organic6 x 125gLooseleaf TeaJP009
TeasClearspringMatcha Tea Organic (bags)6 x 40gJP010
TeasClearspringSencha Loose Tea - Organic6 x 125gGreen Tea - LooseleafJP019
TeasClearspringMu Tea Bags6 x 20 BagsNaturally Caffeine FreeJP033
TeasClearspringKukicha, Roasted Twig Tea6 x 20 BagsJP063
TeasClearspringHojicha Roasted Green Tea6 x 20 BagsJP097
TeasClearspringGenmaicha Green Tea Bags6 x 20 BagsGreen Tea + Roasted RiceJP210
TeasClearspringSencha Green Tea6 x 20 BagsJP302
TeasClearspringMatcha Tea Premium (Shot)30 x 1gTE003
TeasClearspringMatcha Tea Ceremonial Tin4 x 30gTE237
TeasClearspringMatcha Tea Premium (Pouch)10 x 40gTE243
TeasClearspringMatcha Tea Premium (Shot)6 x 8 x 1gTE420
TeasClearspringMatcha Tea Premium (bulk)1kgTE504
TeasClearspringCeremonial Matcha KitEach12% Vat, Not 20%TE928
TeasClipperOrganic Decaff Everyday Tea6 x 80 BagsTE002
TeasClipperWhite Tea With Vanilla6 x 26 BagsTE006
TeasClipperPure Green Tea6 x 50 BagsTE016
TeasClipperSleepy Decaf Green Tea- Og4 x 20 BagsWith Chamomile, Lavender, LemTE039
TeasClipperGreen Detox Tea - Og4 x 20 BagsTE041
TeasClipperEarl Grey - Organic6 x 80 BagsTE053
TeasClipperGreen Energise Tea - Og4 x 20 BagsTE065
TeasClipperFairtrade Everyday Blend250 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE149
TeasClipperEarl Grey - Og6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE150
TeasClipperEarl Grey - Og250 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE152
TeasClipperGreen Tea - Og250 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE159
TeasClipperGreen Tea - Og6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE161
TeasClipperEnglish Breakfast Organic6 x 40 BagsTE300
TeasClipperWhite Tea With Raspberry6 x 26 BagsTE423
TeasClipperFairtrade Blend6 x 100 BagsString and TagTE447
TeasClipperFairtrade Everyday One Cup Bag1100 BagsTE448
TeasClipperSpeciality English Breakfast250 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE451
TeasClipperGreen Tea - Og6 x 50 BagsTE484
TeasClipperCitrus Green Tea + Echinacea6 x 20 BagsTE486
TeasClipperEarl Grey - Organic6 x 50 BagsTE500
TeasClipperOrganic Blend6 x 40 BagsTE522
TeasClipperFairtrade Blend6 x 40 BagsTE541
TeasClipperGreen Tea With Aloe Vera - Og6 x 20 BagsTE571
TeasClipperWhite Tea With Peppermint6 x 26 BagsTE628
TeasClipperEveryday Decaffeinated - Og6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE635
TeasClipperWhite Tea - Og6 x 26 BagsTE683
TeasClipperFairtrade One Cup Teabags440 BagsTE726
TeasClipperGreen Tea With Pear & Honey6 x 20 BagsTE736
TeasClipperGreen Tea With Ginseng6 x 20 BagsTE754
TeasClipperOrganic Decaff Everyday Tea6 x 40 BagsTE776
TeasClipperEnglish Breakfast - Og6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE796
TeasClipperFairtrade 80 Teabags6 x 80 BagsTE800
TeasClipperFairtrade Everyday Decaff250 BagsEnvelope, String & TaggedTE801
TeasClipperGreen Tea - Og6 x 100gLooseleaf TeaTE877
TeasClipperEnglish Breakfast Organic6 x 125gLooseleaf TeaTE897
TeasClipperOrganic Blend6 x 80 BagsTE953
TeasClipperIndian Chai Organic6 x 20 BagsBlack Tea With Warming SpicesTE967
TeasClipperGreen Chai - Og6 x 20 BagsTE968
TeasClipperEarl Grey - Organic6 x 125gLooseleaf TeaTE978
TeasClipperAssam - Organic6 x 125gLooseleaf TeaTE982
TeasClipperAssam - Organic6 x 50 BagsTE983
TeasClipperOrganic Pure Green Tea6 x 20 BagsTE989
TeasClipperOrganic Green Tea With Lemon6 x 20 BagsTE990
TeasClipperOrganic Green Tea & Peppermint6 x 20 BagsTE991
TeasClipperOrganic Green Tea With Mango6 x 20 BagsTE992
TeasClipperOrganic Green Decaf Tea6 x 20 BagsTE993
TeasClipperOrganic Green Decaf & Jasmine6 x 20 BagsTE994
TeasClipperOrganic Green, Lime & Ginger6 x 20 BagsTE995
TeasClipperOrganic Green & Lemon 80 Bags6 x 80 BagsTE996
TeasClipperOrganic Pure Green 80 Bags6 x 80 BagsTE997
TeasDrink Me ChaiFairtrade Spiced Chai6 x 250gInstantTE045
TeasDrink Me ChaiVanilla Spiced Chai Latte6 x 250gInstantTE049
TeasDrink Me ChaiSpiced Chai6 x 250gInstantTE051
TeasDrink Me ChaiArtisan Blend4 x 1kgInstantTE074
TeasDrink Me ChaiChai Latte Green Tea6 x 220gInstantTE163
TeasDrink Me ChaiTurmeric Latte6 x 80gInstantTE179
TeasDrink Me ChaiTurmeric Latte4 x 500gInstantTE181
TeasDrink Me ChaiFree From Chai Latte6 x 200gInstantTE184
TeasDrink Me ChaiChocolate Spiced Latte6 x 250gInstantTE217
TeasDrink Me ChaiVanilla Spiced Chai Latte1kgInstantTE227
TeasDrink Me ChaiSpiced Chai1kgInstantTE228
TeasDrink Me ChaiChai Latte Skinny6 x 250gInstantTE323
TeasHampstead TeaDarjeeling Tea - Og6 x 100gSingle Estate - LooseleafTE249
TeasHampstead TeaEarl Grey Tea - Og6 x 100gSingle Estate - LooseleafTE251
TeasHampstead TeaGreen Tea - Og6 x 100gSingle Estate - LooseleafTE255
TeasHampstead TeaEnergy Chai4 x 20 BagsSpiced Black TeaTE325
TeasHampstead TeaKarma Chai4 x 20 BagsSpiced InfusionTE326
TeasHampstead TeaLife Chai4 x 20 BagsSpiced Green TeaTE349
TeasHampstead TeaOolong Leaf Tea - Og6 x 50gSingle Estate - LooseleafTE365
TeasHampstead TeaFirst Flush Tea - Og6 x 100gSingle Estate - LooseleafTE392
TeasHampstead TeaEnglish Breakfast Tea - Og6 x 100gLooseleafTE677
TeasHampstead TeaStrong English Breakfast4 x 20 BagsTE932
TeasHampstead TeaPure Darjeeling4 x 20 BagsTE935
TeasHampstead TeaDivine Earl Grey4 x 20 BagsTE936
TeasHampstead TeaZesty Ginger Green4 x 20 BagsTE937
TeasHampstead TeaDreamy Jasmine Green Tea4 x 20 BagsTE938
TeasHampstead TeaClean Green4 x 20 BagsTE939
TeasHampstead TeaMisty Mint Green4 x 20 BagsTE941
TeasPukkaElegant English Breakfast4 x 20 BagsOrganic and FairtradeTE213
TeasPukkaGorgeous Earl Grey4 x 20 BagsOrganic and FairtradeTE214
TeasQiJasmine Green Tea6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE112
TeasQiFairtrade White Tea6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE114
TeasQiGreen Tea and Matcha6 x 20 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE257
TeasQiGreen Tea, Turmeric & Matcha6 x 20 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE260
TeasQiGreen Tea Ginseng & Matcha6 x 20 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE261
TeasQiDecaffeinated Green Tea6 x 20 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE308
TeasQiMatcha Green Tea Powder6 x 40gTE310
TeasQiFairtrade Green Tea6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE485
TeasQiFairtrade Ginger Green Tea6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE582
TeasQiFairtrade Detox Tea6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE583
TeasQiFairtrade Ginkgo Green Tea6 x 25 BagsEnvelope, String and TaggedTE585
TeasQiFairtrade Gunpowder Tea6 x 100gSingle Estate Looseleaf TeaTE817
TeasQiFairtrade Chun Mee Tea6 x 100gSingle Estate Looseleaf TeaTE819
TeasRidgwaysTea - Organic12 x 80 BagsTE619
TeasSimply ChaiClassic8 x 125gInstantTE312
TeasSimply ChaiSpicy8 x 125gInstantTE313
TeasSimply ChaiVanilla8 x 125gInstantTE314
TeasSimply ChaiNot Sweet8 x 40gInstantTE315
TeasSimply ChaiMatcha Anis8 x 125gInstantTE316
TeasSimply ChaiTurmeric8 x 125gInstantTE320
TeasSweet RevolutionInstant Reishi Latte5 x 200gTE780
TeasSweet RevolutionInstant Turmeric Latte5 x 200gTE781
TeasSweet RevolutionInstant Matcha Latte5 x 200gTE782
TeasTraidcraftOne Cup Teabags Catering440 BagsTE644
TeasTwiningsLady Grey4 x 50 BagsTE111
TeasTwiningsEnglish Breakfast4 x 50 BagsTE123
TeasTwiningsEnglish Afternoon4 x 50 BagsTE174
TeasTwiningsLemon Green Tea4 x 20 BagsTE291
TeasTwiningsMint Green Tea4 x 20 BagsTE292
TeasTwiningsEnglish Breakfast4 x 125gLooseleaf TeaTE321
TeasTwiningsEarl Grey4 x 50 BagsTE378
TeasTwiningsEarl Grey - Decaffeinated4 x 50 BagsTE379
TeasTwiningsAssam4 x 40 BagsTE461
TeasTwiningsEnglish Breakfast Decaff4 x 50 BagsTE613
TeasTwiningsSpicy Chai4 x 20 BagsTE653
TeasTwiningsSmoky Lapsang4 x 20 BagsTE710
TeasTwiningsPure Green Tea4 x 20 BagsTE743
TeasTwiningsEarl Grey - Og4 x 50 BagsTE761
TeasTwiningsClassics Selection4 x 20 BagsContains Eng Break, Assam,EarlTE899
TeasWilliamson TeaDuchess Grey12 x 50 BagsTE081
TeasWilliamson TeaEarl Grey12 x 50 BagsTE086
TeasWilliamson TeaEnglish Breakfast12 x 50 BagsTE087
TeasWilliamson TeaTraditional Afternoon12 x 50 BagsTE098
TeasWilliamson TeaGreen Matcha6 x 130g Of Egulu Green MatchaTE280
TeasWilliamson TeaPurple Matcha6 x 130g Of Purple MatchaTE317
TeasWilliamson TeaElephant Kenyan Summer6 x 1Contains 40 Kenyan TeabagsTE885
TeasWilliamson TeaElephant Britannia6 x 140 English Breakfast TeabagsTE892
TeasWilliamson TeaElephant London Skyline6 x 1Contains 40 Breakfast TeabagsTE910
TeasWilliamson TeaMini Elephant Orphan Red6 x 1Kenyan Earth TeabagsTE971
TeasWilliamson TeaTraditional Afternoon6 x 100gTE973
TeasWilliamson TeaDuchess Grey6 x 100gTE975
TeasWilliamson TeaHigh Grown Kenyan6 x 100gTE976
TeasWilliamson TeaKenyan Caravan6 x 100gKenyan Tea + Lapsang & SpicesTE977
TeasWilliamson TeaChristmas Special6 x 100gKenyan Tea + Seasonal SpicesTE981