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Sweet Snacks

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Ananda FoodsRaspberry Marshmallows6 x 80gZX269
Ananda FoodsCaramel Marshmallows8 x 80gZX272
Ananda FoodsChoca Mocha Marshmallows6 x 80gZX273
Ananda FoodsStrawberry Marshmallows6 x 80gZX274
Ananda FoodsCoconut Marshmallows6 x 80gZX276
Ananda FoodsVanilla Marshmallows8 x 80gZX277
BearClaws - Strawberry & Butternut5 x 5 x 18gZX003
BearClaws - Mango & Carrot5 x 5 x 18gZX005
BearClaws - Blackcurrant& Beetroot5 x 5 x 18gZX006
BearClaws - Apple, Pear & Pumpkin5 x 5 x 18gZX008
BearYoyos - Strawberry Multipack6 x 5 x 20gZX012
BearYoyos - Raspberry Multipack6 x 5 x 20gZX013
BearYoyos - Mango Multipack6 x 5 x 20gZX014
BearYoyos - Blackcurrant Multipack6 x 5 x 20gZX020
BearStrawberry & Apple18 x 20gZX448
BearMango & Apple18 x 20gZX511
BearBlackcurrant & Apple18 x 20gZX514
BearBlackcurrant & Apple6 x 5 x 20gZX516
BearMango & Apple6 x 5 x 20gZX522
BearYoyo Pure Fruit Rolls-Blackcur18 x 20gZX525
BearYoyo Pure Fruit Rolls - Apple18 x 20gSee Also 'Baby&Child' SectionZX526
BearYoyo Pure Fruit Rolls - Mango18 x 20gZX529
BearYoyo Pure Fruit Rolls - Pineap18 x 20gZX545
BearYoyo Pure Fruit Rolls-Raspb'ry18 x 20gZX550
BearYoyo Pure Fruit Rolls - Strawb18 x 20gZX555
BearStrawberry & Apple6 x 5 x 20gZX567
BionaBerry Burst Sweets - Organic10 x 75gZX002
BionaJelly Dino Sweets - Organic10 x 75gZX441
BionaPomegranate Heart Sweets - Org10 x 75gZX443
BionaSour Snake Sweets - Organic12 x 75gZX576
BionaCola Bottle Sweets - Organic10 x 75gZX662
BionaMini Fruit Jelly Bear Sweets12 x 75gZX911
Burnt SugarOriginal Crumbly Fudge5 x 150gZX592
Burnt SugarStem Ginger Crumbly Fudge5 x 150gZX593
Burnt SugarSea Salt Crumbly Fudge5 x 150gZX594
Burnt SugarChocolate Crumbly Fudge5 x 150gZX595
CypressaChocolate Almond Halva Bar24 x 40gKB645
CypressaAlmond Halva12 x 250gZX778
EpicOriginal Soft Liquorice8 x 200gZX380
Fabulous Free From FactoryDairy Free Chocolate Raisins12 x 75gZX159
Fabulous Free From FactoryDairy Free Fudge6 x 200gZX432
Fabulous Free From FactoryChocovered Crunchee Bites12 x 65gDairy FreeZX548
Fabulous Free From FactoryDairy Free Fudgee Bites10 x 75gZX627
Fabulous Free From FactoryRaspberry Ice Bites10 x 75gDairy FreeZX628
Fabulous Free From FactoryChocovered S/Salt Fudgee Bites12 x 65gDairy FreeZX927
Fabulous Free From FactoryChocovered Peanuts12 x 65gDairy FreeZX928
Free From FellowsGummy Bears10 x 100gSugar, Gelatine & Gluten FreeZX060
Free From FellowsCola Bottles10 x 100gSugar, Gelatine & Gluten FreeZX065
Free From FellowsMidget Gems10 x 100gSugar, Gelatine & Gluten FreeZX072
Free From FellowsCola & Strawberry Lollipops10 x 60gSugar FreeZX321
Free From FellowsRhubarb and Custard10 x 70gSugar FreeZX324
Free From FellowsPear Drops10 x 70gSugar FreeZX373
Freedom ConfectioneryWhite Vanilla Marshmallows10 x 75gVeganKB383
Freedom ConfectioneryStrawberry Marshmallows10 x 75gVeganKB385
Freedom ConfectioneryPink & White Mini Marshmallows10 x 75gVeganKB789
Fudge KitchenSlim Slider Salt Collection12 x 125gContains 6 FudgesZX980
Fudge KitchenDouble Trouble Choc Slider12 x 125g6 Fudge, White & Dark ChocZX981
Fudge KitchenWhite Choc/Rasp Slider12 x 125gContains 6 FudgesZX982
Fudge Kitchen9 Piece Selection- Love Fudge10 x 190gGift BoxZX985
Fudge KitchenBest Of British Selection10 x 190gContains 9 FudgesZX986
Fudge KitchenNo Added Sugar Peanut Brittle6 x 125gZX987
Fudge KitchenNo Added Sugar Almond Bark6 x 125gZX988
Goody Good StuffCola Breeze12 x 100gZX146
Goody Good StuffKoala Gummy Bears12 x 100gZX148
Goody Good StuffBerry Mix12 x 100gZX197
Goody Good StuffSour Mix & Match12 x 100gZX486
Henry GoodesSoft Eating Liquorice9 x 200gZX437
Jealous SweetsTangy Worms10 x 40gZX229
Jealous SweetsFizzy Friends10 x 40gZX231
Jealous SweetsTropical Wonder10 x 40gZX233
Jealous SweetsGrizzly Bears10 x 40gZX238
Jealous SweetsAdventures Cracker9 x 200gZX303
JomFizzy Caramel30 x 25gZX187
JomFizzy Caramel15 x 70gZX203
JomWild Raspberry30 x 25gZX218
JomWild Raspberry15 x 70gZX298
OrgranMolasses Liquorice12 x 200gZX183
PandaAll Natural Liquorice Bar36 x 32gZX071
PandaAll Natural 4 Bar Pack18 x 128gZX078
PandaLiquorice Mix12 x 200gComfits, Cuts, FlavouredZX164
PandaAll Liquorice Creams12 x 200gStrawberry,Banana & CaramelZX241
PandaNatural Oat Liquorice Bar36 x 32gZX397
PandaAll Natural Liquorice Bears12 x 125gZX402
PandaRaspberry Liquorice12 x 200gZX409
PandaNatural Oat Liquorice Bag12 x 140gZX430
PandaLiquorice Torpedos18 x 100gLemon,Aniseed,PeppermintZX435
PandaLiquorice Cuts Bag12 x 240gZX674
PandaAll Natural Raspberry Bar36 x 32gZX676
PeakzCrunchy Chocolate Squares22 x 32gDairy FreeZX110
PeakzS/Caramel Choc Coated Squares22 x 32gDairy FreeZX131
PeakzChoc Orange Covered Squares22 x 32gDairy FreeZX144
PeppersmithExtra Strong Mints12 x 15gDental Pocket PacksZX026
PeppersmithDental Peppermint Chewing Gum12 x 50g100% Xylitol Dental Gum PouchZX150
PeppersmithDental Spearmint Chewing Gum12 x 50g100% Xylitol Dental Gum PouchZX155
PeppersmithPeppermint Fresh Mints12 x 15g100% Xylitol Dental PacksZX536
PeppersmithSicilian Lemon Peppermints12 x 15g100% Xylitol Dental PacksZX590
PeppersmithPeppermint Chewing Gum12 x 15g100% Xylitol Dental PacksZX601
PeppersmithSpearmint Chewing Gum12 x 15g100% Xylitol Dental PacksZX606
PeppersmithDental Pastilles Strawberry12 x 15g100% Xylitol Dental PacksZX882
RicolaOriginal Herb Drops12 x 70gZX240
RicolaOriginal Swiss Herb Drops24 x 32gZX243
RicolaLiquorice - Sugar Free20 x 45gStevia SweetenedZX350
RicolaHerb - Sugar Free20 x 45gStevia SweetenedZX351
RicolaCranberry - Sugar Free20 x 45gStevia SweetenedZX372
RicolaHerbal Caramel - Sugar Free20 x 45gStevia SweetenedZX439
RicolaLemon Mint - Sugar Free20 x 45gStevia SweetenedZX442
RoskillysOrganic Assorted Fudge20 x 100gZX341
RoskillysOrganic Clotted Cream Fudge20 x 100gZX346
Suma Bagged DownLiquorice Juice Sticks1kgZX503
Suma Bagged DownRaisins - Yoghurt Coated1kgZX614
Suma CommoditiesBanana Chips - Yoghurt Coated4 x 3kgZX275
Suma CommoditiesPeanuts - Yoghurt Coated2 x 3kgZX279
Suma CommoditiesRaisins - Yoghurt Coated2 x 3kgZX281
Suma PrepacksPeanuts - Yoghurt Coated6 x 125gZX009
Suma PrepacksRaisins - Yoghurt Coated6 x 125gZX015
Suma PrepacksBanana Chips - Yoghurt Coated6 x 125gZX653
SunitaHoney & Pistachio Halva24 x 75gZX092
SunitaHoney Halva24 x 75gZX093
SunitaGrape Juice & Sultana Halva2.5kgZX096
SunitaHoney & Pistachio Halva2.5kgZX097
SunitaOg Halva With Coconut12 x 75gZX099
SunitaHoney Halva - Cocoa & Chilli24 x 75gZX102
SunitaOrganic Dark Chocolate Halva12 x 75gZX524
SunitaGrape Juice & Sultana Halva Og12 x 75gZX587
SunitaHoney Halva With Almonds Og12 x 75gZX588
SunitaHoney Halva - Organic12 x 75gZX850
SunitaHoney Halva 33% Extra Fill24 x 100gZX938
SunitaHoney Halva With Peanut Butter12 x 75gZX939
The Ginger PeopleOriginal Ginger Chews12 x 84gZX049
The Ginger PeopleSpicy Ginger Hard Sweets12 x 84gZX050
The Raw Chocolate CoGoji Berries6 x 150gDR188
TruedeMixed Nut Turkish Delight12 x 250gWooden Gift BoxKJ165
TruedeRose/Lemon Turkish Delight Box12 x 250gWooden Gift BoxKJ259
Truede'Light' Rose Turkish Delight12 x 110gSweetened With MaltitolKJ306
TruedeChoc Coated Turkish Delight12 x 120gKJ350
Urban FruitCoconut Chips - Natural14 x 25gDR016
Urban FruitCoconut Chips - Natural4 x 18gDR098
Urban FruitCoconut Chips - Sriracha4 x 18gDR116
VegebearsFruit Jellies8 x 100gZX571
VegebearsFrooty Fruits8 x 100gZX573