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Dairy Desserts – Frozen

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Alder TreeDamson Ice Cream6 x 500mlFruit Ice CreamXL126
Alder TreeGinger & Rhubarb Ice Cream6 x 500mlFruit Ice CreamXL144
Alder TreeGooseberry & Elderflower6 x 500mlFruit Ice CreamXL143
Alder TreeVanilla Ice Cream6 x 500mlFruit Ice CreamXL146
Little MoonsCoconut Mochi Ice Cream10 x 192gXL309
Little MoonsGreen Tea Mochi Ice Cream10 x 192gXL310
Little MoonsMango Mochi Ice Cream10 x 192gXL311
Little MoonsRaspberry Mochi Ice Cream10 x 192gXL312
Little MoonsToasted Sesame Mochi Ice Cream10 x 192gXL313
Little MoonsVanilla Mochi Ice Cream10 x 192gXL314
Northern BlocBlack Treacle Ice Cream8 x 500mlXL071
Northern BlocChocolate & Sea Salt8 x 500mlXL015
Northern BlocGinger & Caramel8 x 500mlXL101
RoskillysOg Caramel Crunch Ice Cream24 x 120mlXL174
RoskillysOg Caramel Crunch Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL219
RoskillysOg Chocolate Ice Cream24 x 120mlXL171
RoskillysOg Chocolate Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL325
RoskillysOg Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice24 x 120mlXL170
RoskillysOg Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream24 x 120mlXL173
RoskillysOg Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL326
RoskillysOg Strawberry Ice Cream24 x 120mlXL172
RoskillysOg Strawberry Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL327
RoskillysOg Vanilla Ice Cream6 x 500mlWith Clotted CreamXL220
Yeo ValleyDouble Chocolate Ice Cream24 x 100mlXL249
Yeo ValleyDouble Chocolate Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL250
Yeo ValleySea Salted Caramel Ice Cream24 x 100mlXL247
Yeo ValleySea Salted Caramel Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL248
Yeo ValleyStrawberry & Cream Ice Cream24 x 100mlXL291
Yeo ValleyStrawberry & Cream Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL295
Yeo ValleyVanilla Ice Cream24 x 100mlXL245
Yeo ValleyVanilla Ice Cream6 x 500mlXL246