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Crisps and Snacks

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
AmaizinBio Corn Chips Chilli16 x 75gMinimum 4 Weeks Shelf LifeZX544
AmaizinBio Corn Chips Nachos10 x 150gMinimum 4 Weeks Shelf LifeZX589
AmaizinBio Corn Chips Natural10 x 150gMinimum 4 Weeks Shelf LifeZX543
AmaizinBio Corn Chips Natural16 x 75gMinimum 4 Weeks Shelf LifeZX542
AmaizinBio Corn Chips Paprika16 x 75gMinimum 4 Weeks Shelf LifeZX546
AmaizinFajita Seasoning Organic12 x 27gZX470
AmaizinNatural Corn Chips Value Bag10 x 250gZX429
AmaizinOrganic Taco Shells6 x 150gZX399
AmaizinRice Paper Organic12 x 110gZX482
AmaizinTacho Seasoning Organic12 x 30gZX458
AmaizinTomato Corn Rolls14 x 100gZX406
ApeCoconut Bites Chocolate10 x 26gZX504
ApeCoconut Curls Salted10 x 20gZX547
ApeCoconut Curls Salted Chocolate10 x 20gZX851
ApeCoconut Curls Salted Munch Bag10 x 60gLarge BagZX852
ApeCoconut Puffs Lightly Salted24 x 25gZX412
ApeCoconut Puffs Thai Chilli24 x 25gZX438
ApeCrunchy Coconut Bites Chia10 x 30gZX854
ApeCrunchy Coconut Bites Natural10 x 30gZX855
ApeCrunchy Coconut Bites Sesame10 x 30gZX853
Artisan SnacksRoasted Edamame Beans - Chilli12 x 32gZX672
Artisan SnacksRoasted Edamame Beans-Salt/Pep12 x 32gZX671
BionaPotato Chips - Lightly Salted12 x 100gWith Pink Himalayan SaltZX424
Brown Bag CrispsLightly Salted10 x 150gZX270
Brown Bag CrispsLightly Salted20 x 40gZX266
Brown Bag CrispsOak Smoked Chilli20 x 40gZX268
Brown Bag CrispsSea Salt and Vinegar20 x 40gZX267
Brown Bag CrispsWest Country Cheddar & Onion20 x 40gZX265
ClearspringBrown Rice Chips - Buckwheat8 x 60gBuckwheat & ChiaZX342
ClearspringBrown Rice Chips - Red Lentil8 x 60gRed LentilZX352
ClearspringBrown Rice Chips - Wholegrain8 x 60g100% WholegrainZX340
ClearspringRoasted Seeds & Soya Snack15 x 35gSunflower, Pumpkin, & SoyaZX216
ClearspringTamari Roast Sicilian Almonds15 x 30gProvides Vit E,Fibre & ProteinZX226
ClearspringTamari Roasted Cashew Nuts15 x 30gZX129
CypressaRoasted and Salted Broad Beans12 x 150gZX810
Eat RealChilli & Fresh Lime12 x 30gZX041
Eat RealCream & Chive Chips12 x 30gZX007
Eat RealHot & Spicy Quinoa Chips12 x 30gZX716
Eat RealHummus, Lentil, Quinoa Multi8 x 116gEat Real Multi PackZX027
Eat RealHumus Chilli & Lemon Chips12 x 45gZX162
Eat RealHumus Chilli Lemon Chips10 x 135gZX125
Eat RealHumus Creamy Dill Chips10 x 135gZX127
Eat RealHumus Creamy Dill Chips12 x 45gZX163
Eat RealHumus Sea Salt Chips10 x 135gZX124
Eat RealHumus Sea Salted Chips12 x 45gZX161
Eat RealHumus Tomato & Basil Chips10 x 135gZX121
Eat RealHumus Tomato & Basil Chips12 x 45gZX160
Eat RealLentil Chilli & Lemon Chips12 x 40gZX169
Eat RealLentil Chip Creamy Dill10 x 113gZX883
Eat RealLentil Chips Chilli Lemon10 x 113gZX135
Eat RealLentil Chips Sea Salt10 x 113gZX128
Eat RealLentil Chips Tomato Basil 113g10 x 113gZX130
Eat RealLentil Creamy Dill Chips12 x 40gZX170
Eat RealLentil Sea Salted Chips12 x 40gZX165
Eat RealLentil Tomato & Basil Chips12 x 40gZX168
Eat RealOrganic Hummus Sea Salt Chips10 x 100gZX215
Eat RealOrganic Lentil Sea Salt Chips10 x 100gZX214
Eat RealOrganic Veggie Straws10 x 100gZX213
Eat RealPlain Chips12 x 30gZX064
Eat RealQuinoa Chips Chilli Lime10 x 80gZX311
Eat RealQuinoa Chips Cream & Chives10 x 80gZX315
Eat RealQuinoa Chips Hot and Spicy10 x 80gZX310
Eat RealQuinoa Chips Plain10 x 80gZX877
Eat RealQuinoa Chips Tomato & Garlic10 x 80gZX314
Eat RealQuinoa Kale Puffs Jalapeno12 x 113gWith CheeseZX880
Eat RealQuinoa Kale Puffs With Cheese12 x 113gZX881
Eat RealQuinoa Puffs Cheddar Cheese12 x 113gZX878
Eat RealQuinoa Puffs Cheese Jalapeno12 x 113gZX879
Eat RealSundried Tomato & Roast Garlic12 x 30gZX046
Eat RealVeggie & Kale Chips10 x 80gZX047
Eat RealVeggie & Kale Chips12 x 40gZX174
Eat RealVeggie & Kale Straws10 x 113gZX057
GarciaBeetroot Crackers6 x 180gZX445
GarciaBlue Corn Tortilla Chips - Org12 x 150gZX461
GarciaCrackers - Kale6 x 180gZX760
GarciaCrackers - Sweet Potato6 x 180gZX761
GarciaVeggie Mix Tortilla - Org12 x 150gZX200
GeosticksChilli Geosticks24 x 22gFairtradeZX965
GeosticksHerby Geosticks24 x 22gFairtradeZX964
GeosticksPeppery Geosticks24 x 22gFairtradeZX966
Giving TreeFreeze Dried Peach Crisps12 x 38gZX844
Giving TreeVacuum Dried Mixed Vegetables12 x 45gZX845
Giving TreeVacuum Fried Broccoli Crisps12 x 36gZX847
GranovitaMini Pepperoni20 x 50gKB142
HippeasCheese & Love Chickpea Puffs10 x 78gZX188
HippeasCheese & Love Chickpea Puffs24 x 22gOrganic Chickpea PuffsZX179
HippeasFar Out Fajita Chickpea Puffs10 x 78gZX172
HippeasFar Out Fajita Chickpea Puffs24 x 22gOrganic Chickpea PuffsZX176
HippeasHerb Chickpea Puffs10 x 78gZX171
HippeasHerb Chickpea Puffs24 x 22gOrganic Chickpea PuffsZX178
HippeasSalt & Vinegar Puffs10 x 78gZX600
HippeasSalt & Vinegar Puffs24 x 22gOrganic Chickpea PuffsZX538
HippeasSweet & Smokin' Chickpea Puffs24 x 22gOrganic Chickpea PuffsZX177
HippeasSweet & Smokin' Puffs10 x 78gZX166
Hodmedod'sRoast Fava Bean Salt & Vinegar10 x 300gZX549
Hodmedod'sRoasted Fava Beans Sea Salted10 x 300gZX562
Hodmedod'sRoasted Peas Horseradish10 x 300gZX569
Hodmedod'sRoasted Peas Lightly Salted10 x 300gZX568
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaspberry Coconut Pecks10 x 25gZX651
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaw Kale Chips - Baobab/Onion7 x 30gZX250
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaw Kale Chips - Beetroot7 x 30gWith AcerolaZX255
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaw Kale Chips - Purple Corn6 x 60gZX260
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaw Kale Chips - Purple Corn7 x 30gZX257
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaw Kale Chips - Wasabi6 x 60gWith WheatgrassZX259
Inspiral Visionary ProductsRaw Kale Chips - Wasabi7 x 30gWith WheatgrassZX258
KalloPink Salt & Pepper12 x 20gZX246
KalloPink Salt & Pepper8 x 85gZX017
KalloSea Salt & Vinegar12 x 20gZX271
KalloSea Salt & Vinegar8 x 85gZX234
KalloSour Cream & Dill12 x 20gZX261
KalloSour Cream & Dill8 x 85gZX119
KalloWasabi & Soy Sauce12 x 20gZX290
KalloWasabi & Soy Sauce8 x 85gZX011
Kettle ChipsBalsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt12 x 150gZX381
Kettle ChipsBalsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt18 x 40gZX912
Kettle ChipsLightly Salted12 x 150gZX248
Kettle ChipsLightly Salted18 x 40gZX914
Kettle ChipsMature Cheddar & Red Onion12 x 150gZX738
Kettle ChipsMature Cheddar & Red Onion18 x 40gZX280
Kettle ChipsSea Salt & Crushed Peppercorns18 x 40gZX913
Kettle ChipsSweet Chilli18 x 40gZX362
Kettle ChipsSweet Chilli Lentil Curls18 x 22gZX044
Luke's OrganicsAncient Grain Multigrain Chips12 x 142gMultigrain and SeedZX500
Luke's OrganicsBlue Corn Multigrain Chips12 x 142gZX490
Luke's OrganicsChia Seed Mulitgrain Chips12 x 142gZX615
Luke's OrganicsKale Multigrain & Seed Chip12 x 142gZX631
Luke's OrganicsS/Potato Hemp B/Wheat Chips12 x 142gZX634
Metcalfe's PopcornCinema Sweet Popcorn24 x 20gZX085
Metcalfe's PopcornSea Salt Popcorn24 x 20gZX086
Metcalfe's PopcornSea Salt Popcorn8 x 70gZX081
Metcalfe's PopcornSweet N Salt Popcorn24 x 25gZX095
Metcalfe's PopcornSweet N Salt Popcorn8 x 80gZX073
Nairn'sOriginal Flatbread6 x 150gZX338
Nairn'sSea Salt & Balsamic Snackers20 x 23gZX211
Nairn'sSea Salt & Rosemary Flatbread6 x 150gZX335
Nairn'sSmoked Paprika Snackers20 x 23gZX212
Nairn'sSnackers - Cheese20 x 23gZX210
Nudie SnacksCoconut Chips - Chocolate12 x 35gChocolate FlavourNU045
Nudie SnacksPremium Toasted Coconut Chips12 x 35gNU122
Ozies (BIG Oz)Fajita Chickpea Snacks22 x 22gGluten - FreeZX363
Ozies (BIG Oz)Mediterranean Chickpea Snack22 x 22gGluten - FreeZX355
Ozies (BIG Oz)Salt & Pepper Chickpea Snacks22 x 22gGluten - FreeZX354
Ozies (BIG Oz)Sweetcure Chickpea Snacks22 x 22gGluten - FreeZX361
Pipers CrispsAnglesey Sea Salt15 x 150gZX291
Pipers CrispsAnglesey Sea Salt24 x 40gZX292
Pipers CrispsBiggleswade Sweet Chilli24 x 40gZX423
Pipers CrispsJalapeno & Dill15 x 150gZX382
Pipers CrispsJalapeno & Dill24 x 40gZX379
Pipers CrispsKarnataka Bl Pepp & Sea Salt24 x 40gZX295
Pipers CrispsLye Cross Cheddar & Onion15 x 150gZX289
Pipers CrispsLye Cross Cheddar & Onion24 x 40gZX297
Pipers CrispsSea Salt & Somerset Cider V'gr15 x 150gBurrow Hill Cider VinegarZX283
Pipers CrispsSomerset Cider Vinegar/Salt24 x 40gBurrow Hill Cider VinegarZX296
Pipers CrispsWild Thyme & Rosemary15 x 150gZX436
Pipers CrispsWild Thyme & Rosemary24 x 40gZX434
Pipers CrispsWissington Spicy Tomato24 x 40gZX293
Primal Vegan JerkySeitan - Mesquite Lime Jerky24 x 28gZX583
Primal Vegan JerkySeitan - Teriyaki Jerky24 x 28gZX585
Primal Vegan JerkySeitan - Thai Peanut Jerky24 x 28gZX581
Primal Vegan JerkyShiitake Mushroom Jerky24 x 28gHot & SpicyZX580
Primal Vegan JerkySoy - Hickory Smoked Jerky24 x 28gZX586
Primal Vegan JerkySoy - Texas Barbecue Jerky24 x 28gZX584
Rude HealthCornitas - Black Bean24 x 30gZX317
Rude HealthCornitas - Black Bean8 x 90gZX320
Rude HealthCornitas - Chickpea & Lentil24 x 30gZX348
Rude HealthCornitas - Chickpea & Lentil8 x 90gZX322
Scott Farm Chip CompanyOrange Sweet Potato Chips24 x 40gZX357
Scott Farm Chip CompanyOrange Sweet Potato Crisps12 x 100gZX356
Skinnypop PopcornSalted Popcorn28 x 18gKB153
Skinnypop PopcornSweet & Salty Popcorn28 x 23gKB149
Suma Bagged DownBombay Mix1kgZX332
Suma Bagged DownFruit & Nut Mix5kgZX083
Suma Bagged DownWasabi Peas - Spicy1kgSpicyZX477
Suma CommoditiesBhusu5kgZX033
Suma CommoditiesBombay Mix10kgZX034
Suma CommoditiesGarlic Gathia5kgStrong Garlic SticksZX288
Suma CommoditiesRice Crackers8kgZX132
Suma CommoditiesSesame Sticks2.27kgZX036
Suma CommoditiesSpiced Roast Chick Peas2.5kgZX037
Suma CommoditiesSpicy Noodles5kgZX038
Suma CommoditiesTrail Mix10kgZX087
Suma CommoditiesTropical Mix10kgZX089
Suma CommoditiesWasabi Peas - Spicy10kgZX468
Suma Commodities - OrganicBombay Mix - Organic3kgZX929
Suma PrepacksBombay Mix6 x 125gZX195
Suma PrepacksBombay Mix6 x 250gZX196
Suma PrepacksBombay Mix W/ Coriander & Lime6 x 125gZX695
Suma PrepacksBombay Mix W/ Coriander & Lime6 x 250gZX696
Suma PrepacksFruit & Nut Mix6 x 125gZX084
Suma PrepacksJapanese Rice Crackers6 x 125gZX205
Suma PrepacksSesame Sticks6 x 125gZX202
Suma PrepacksSpiced Roast Chick Peas6 x 125gZX294
Suma PrepacksSpicy Noodles6 x 125gZX204
Suma PrepacksSuper Seed and Berry Mix6 x 125gSunflower,Pumpkin,Goji,Blue'ZX316
Suma PrepacksTrail Mix6 x 125gZX088
Suma PrepacksTropical Mix6 x 125gZX244
Suma PrepacksWasabi Peas - Spicy6 x 75gSpicyZX476
Suma Prepacks - OrganicBombay Mix - Organic6 x 125gZX931
Suma Prepacks - OrganicBombay Mix - Organic6 x 250gZX552
Ten Acre Crisps'Chicken' Soup Crisps10 x 135gZX862
Ten Acre CrispsCheese & Onion18 x 40gZX556
Ten Acre CrispsCheese and Onion Crisps10 x 135gZX861
Ten Acre CrispsCracked Pepper Crisps10 x 135gZX859
Ten Acre CrispsHickory & Barbecue Crisps18 x 40gZX559
Ten Acre CrispsPastrami & Rye Crisps18 x 40gZX029
Ten Acre CrispsReady Salted Crisps10 x 135gZX863
Ten Acre CrispsReady Salted Crisps18 x 40gThe Secret Of Mr SaltZX554
Ten Acre CrispsSalt & Vinegar18 x 40gZX557
Ten Acre CrispsSpicy Bombay Crisps10 x 135gZX860
Ten Acre CrispsSweet Chilli Crisps18 x 40gWhen The Chilli Got SweetZX566
Ten Acre CrispsWasabi Popcorn10 x 80gZX339
TrafoCoconut Oil Baked Crisps12 x 100gLightly SaltedZX625
TrafoCoconut Oil Baked Crisps15 x 40gLightly SaltedZX759
TrafoCorn Peanuts12 x 75gMade From Corn & Peanut ButterZX401
TrafoHand Cook Barbecue15 x 40gThick CutZX756
TrafoHand Cook Cheese & Onion15 x 40gThick CutZX755
TrafoHand Cook Rosemary & Sea Salt15 x 40gThick CutZX473
TrafoHand Cook Salt & Black Pepper15 x 40gThick CutZX474
TrafoHand Cooked Crisps Seasalt15 x 40gThick CutZX460
TrafoHummus Chips - Paprika6 x 75gZX932
TrafoHummus Chips - Rosemary6 x 75gZX934
TrafoHummus Chips - Sea Salt6 x 75gZX933
TrafoLentil Crisps - Arabian Spices6 x 75gCompostable PacketsVF061
TrafoLentil Crisps - Seasalt6 x 75gCompostable PacketsVF060
TrafoPaprika Crisps - Organic15 x 40gZX053
TrafoPretzel Sticks12 x 100gBT075
TrafoSalted Crisps - Organic15 x 40gZX055
TrafoTortilla Chips - Chilli16 x 75gVF218
TrafoTortilla Chips - Natural14 x 200gBig Bag!ZX136
TrafoTortilla Chips - Natural16 x 75gVF226
TrafoTortilla Chips - Natural6 x 100gCompostable PacketsVF048
TrafoTortilla Chips - Paprika6 x 100gCompostable PacketsVF056
TrafoTortilla Chips - Sour Cream6 x 100gCompostable PacketsVF073
TrafoVegetable Chips12 x 75gBeetroot,Parsnip,CarrotZX624
TrafoVegetable Chips15 x 40gBeetroot,Parsnip,CarrotZX758
TrafoVegetable Chips Sweet Potato6 x 80gZX575
TrafoVirgin Olive Oil Baked Crisps12 x 100gLightly SaltedZX626
TyrrellsBlack Truffle & Sea Salt12 x 150gZX978
TyrrellsCheddar Cheese & Chive12 x 150gZX016
TyrrellsCheddar Cheese and Chives24 x 40gZX907
TyrrellsChilli12 x 125gZX403
TyrrellsCider Vinegar & Sea Salt12 x 150gMaldon Sea SaltZX018
TyrrellsCider Vinegar and Sea Salt24 x 40gZX909
TyrrellsLightly Sea Salted12 x 125gZX408
TyrrellsLightly Sea Salted12 x 150gMaldon Sea Salt Lady ClaireZX022
TyrrellsLightly Sea Salted24 x 40gZX908
TyrrellsMature Cheddar & Pickled Onion12 x 150gZX495
TyrrellsMature Cheddar & Pickled Onion24 x 40gZX509
TyrrellsMixed Roots12 x 125gZX388
TyrrellsMixed Roots24 x 40gZX658
TyrrellsMixed Roots - Maple Syrup12 x 125gZX390
TyrrellsNaked - No Added Salt24 x 40gZX042
TyrrellsNaked Chips12 x 150gZX023
TyrrellsRosemary and Wild Garlic12 x 125gZX404
TyrrellsSea Salt & Black Pepper12 x 150gZX024
TyrrellsSea Salt and Black Pepper24 x 40gZX906
TyrrellsSea Salt and Cider Vinegar12 x 150gZX502
TyrrellsSea Salted12 x 150gZX496
TyrrellsSlightly Sea Salted Popcorn12 x 70gZX519
TyrrellsSweet and Salty Popcorn12 x 80gZX521
TyrrellsSweet and Salty Popcorn24 x 23gZX530
TyrrellsSweet Chilli & Red Pepper12 x 150gZX021
TyrrellsSweet Chilli and Red Pepper24 x 40gZX918
TyrrellsWorcester Sauce & Sundried Tom12 x 150gZX098
TyrrellsWorcester Sauce & Sundried Tom24 x 40gZX039
YaksoJava Chips - Seaweed10 x 100gZX371