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Burgers Sausages & Tvp Mixes

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
ClearspringOrganic Soya Chunks12 x 200gSY074
ClearspringOrganic Soya Mince12 x 300gSY071
Free & EasyFalafel Mix4 x 195gGluten & Dairy FreeVF101
GranoseChargrilled Style Burger Mix6 x 120gVF099
GranoseLincolnshire Sausage Mix6 x 150gVF087
Just WholefoodsVegetarian Banger Mix -organic6 x 125gVF706
Just WholefoodsVegetarian Burger Mix6 x 125gVF705
ProtovegSausage Mix10kgVF839
Suma Bagged DownBurger Mix - Vegetarian1kgSY097
Suma Bagged DownBurger Mix - Vegetarian5kgVF406
Suma Bagged DownNut Roast Mix1kgVegan & Gluten FreeVF166
Suma Bagged DownNut Roast Mix - Savoury/Vegan1kgVF157
Suma Bagged DownSausage Mix - Vegetarian1kgSY098
Suma Bagged DownSausage Mix - Vegetarian5kgVF407
Suma Bagged DownTvp Flavoured Coloured Mince1kgSY113
Suma CommoditiesBurger Mix - Vegetarian25kgVF404
Suma CommoditiesSausage Mix - Vegetarian25kgVF405
Suma CommoditiesTvp Flavoured Coloured Mince15kgSY205
Suma PrepacksBurger Mix - Vegetarian6 x 350gVF160
Suma PrepacksNut Roast Mix - Gluten Free6 x 340gVegan & Gluten FreeVF154
Suma PrepacksNut Roast Mix - Savoury/Vegan6 x 370gVF153
Suma PrepacksSausage Mix - Vegetarian6 x 350gVF162
Suma PrepacksTvp Flavoured Coloured Mince6 x 250gSY109