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Beans & Pulses – Dried

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
Hodmedod'sFava Beans Organic - Whole12 x 500gUk GrownPU029
Hodmedod'sOrganic Carlin Peas12 x 500gWere Black BadgersPU005
Hodmedod'sOrganic Fava Beans - Split12 x 500gUk GrownPU014
Hodmedod'sRed Haricot Beans12 x 500gBritish GrownPU008
Just WholefoodsSprouting Mix - Og6 x 250gVF263
Suma Bagged DownAduki Beans3kgPU009
Suma Bagged DownBeluga Lentils3kgPU026
Suma Bagged DownBlack Turtle Beans3kgPU147
Suma Bagged DownBlackeye Beans3kgPU015
Suma Bagged DownButter Beans3kgPU030
Suma Bagged DownCannellini Beans - Alubia3kgPU041
Suma Bagged DownChickpeas10kgPU019
Suma Bagged DownChickpeas3kgPU143
Suma Bagged DownKidney Beans - Red3kgPU055
Suma Bagged DownLentils - Brown3kgPU185
Suma Bagged DownLentils - Dark Speckled3kgPreviously Called Puy TypePU054
Suma Bagged DownLentils - Green3kgPU186
Suma Bagged DownLentils - Red Split10kgPU040
Suma Bagged DownLentils - Red Split3kgPU137
Suma Bagged DownMoong Dahl3kgPU179
Suma Bagged DownMung Beans3kgPU051
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicAduki Beans - Organic3kgPU212
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicBlack Turtle Beans3kgPU031
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicButter Beans - Organic3kgPU243
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicChickpeas - Organic1kgPU117
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicChickpeas - Organic3kgPU190
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicGreen Split Peas - Organic3kgPU162
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicHaricot Beans - Organic3kgPU191
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Brown, Organic3kgPU003
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Dark Speckled, Org1kgPreviously Called Puy TypePU171
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Dark Speckled, Org3kgPreviously Called Puy TypePU172
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Green, Organic1kgPU118
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Green, Organic3kgPU193
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Red Split, Organic1kgPU127
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicLentils - Red Split, Organic3kgPU194
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicMung Beans - Organic1kgPU120
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicMung Beans - Organic3kgPU195
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicRed Kidney Beans - Organic3kgPU192
Suma Bagged Down - OrganicYellow Split Peas - Organic3kgPU197
Suma CommoditiesAduki Beans25kgPU300
Suma CommoditiesBeluga Lentils25kgPU002
Suma CommoditiesBlack Turtle Beans25kgPU150
Suma CommoditiesBlackeye Beans25kgPU303
Suma CommoditiesBroth Mix25kgPU114
Suma CommoditiesButter Beans (Lima)25kgPU111
Suma CommoditiesCannellini Beans - Alubia25kgPU016
Suma CommoditiesChickpeas25kgPU018
Suma CommoditiesHaricot Beans - Pea25kgPU028
Suma CommoditiesKidney Beans - Red25kgPU039
Suma CommoditiesLentils - Brown25kgPU010
Suma CommoditiesLentils - Dark Speckled25kgPreviously Known As PuyPU082
Suma CommoditiesLentils - Green25kgPU022
Suma CommoditiesLentils - Red Split25kgPU081
Suma CommoditiesMarrowfat Peas12.5kgPU032
Suma CommoditiesMoong Dahl25kgPU175
Suma CommoditiesMung Beans25kgPU033
Suma CommoditiesPinto Beans25kgPU035
Suma CommoditiesSplit Peas - Green25kgPU025
Suma CommoditiesSplit Peas - Yellow25kgPU047
Suma Commodities - OrganicAduki Beans - Organic25kgPU200
Suma Commodities - OrganicBlack Turtle Beans25kgPU020
Suma Commodities - OrganicButter Beans, Chinese - Org25kgPU210
Suma Commodities - OrganicCannellini Beans - Organic25kgPU220
Suma Commodities - OrganicChickpeas - Organic25kgPU140
Suma Commodities - OrganicGreen Split Peas - Organic25kgPU083
Suma Commodities - OrganicHaricot Beans - Organic25kgPU052
Suma Commodities - OrganicLentils - Brown, Organic25kgPU001
Suma Commodities - OrganicLentils - Dark Speckled, Org25kgPreviously Called Puy TypePU084
Suma Commodities - OrganicLentils - Green , Organic25kgPU116
Suma Commodities - OrganicLentils - Red Split, Organic25kgPU126
Suma Commodities - OrganicMung Beans - Organic25kgPU062
Suma Commodities - OrganicPinto Beans - Organic25kgPU061
Suma Commodities - OrganicRed Kidney Beans - Organic25kgPU037
Suma Commodities - OrganicSoya Beans - Organic25kgPU057
Suma Commodities - OrganicYellow Split Peas - Organic25kgPU059
Suma PrepacksBeluga Lentils6 x 500gPU013
Suma PrepacksBlack Beans6 x 500gPU144
Suma PrepacksBlackeye Beans6 x 500gPU017
Suma PrepacksBroth Mix6 x 500gPU078
Suma PrepacksButter Beans6 x 500gPU066
Suma PrepacksChickpeas6 x 500gPU067
Suma PrepacksLentils - Brown6 x 500gPU065
Suma PrepacksLentils - Dark Speckled6 x 500gPreviously Called Puy TypePU133
Suma PrepacksLentils - Green6 x 500gPU069
Suma PrepacksLentils - Red Split6 x 500gPU076
Suma PrepacksMarrowfat Peas6 x 500gPU072
Suma PrepacksMoong Dahl6 x 500gPU177
Suma PrepacksSplit Peas - Green6 x 500gPU070
Suma PrepacksSplit Peas - Yellow6 x 500gPU080
Suma Prepacks - OrganicAduki Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU202
Suma Prepacks - OrganicBean Mix - Organic6 x 500gPU222
Suma Prepacks - OrganicBlack Turtle Beans6 x 500gPU034
Suma Prepacks - OrganicBroth Mix - Organic6 x 500gPU004
Suma Prepacks - OrganicButter Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU345
Suma Prepacks - OrganicCannellini Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU225
Suma Prepacks - OrganicChickpeas - Organic6 x 500gPU369
Suma Prepacks - OrganicGreen Split Peas - Organic6 x 500gPU182
Suma Prepacks - OrganicHaricot Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU145
Suma Prepacks - OrganicLentils - Brown, Organic6 x 500gPU135
Suma Prepacks - OrganicLentils - Dark Speckled, Org6 x 500gPreviously Called Puy TypePU167
Suma Prepacks - OrganicLentils - Green, Organic6 x 500gPU129
Suma Prepacks - OrganicLentils - Red Split Organic6 x 750gPU294
Suma Prepacks - OrganicLentils - Red Split, Organic6 x 500gPU267
Suma Prepacks - OrganicMung Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU151
Suma Prepacks - OrganicPinto Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU136
Suma Prepacks - OrganicRed Kidney Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU156
Suma Prepacks - OrganicSoya Beans - Organic6 x 500gPU146
Suma Prepacks - OrganicYellow Split Peas - Organic6 x 500gPU166