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Beans and Pulses – Canned

BrandDescriptionSizePL TextPL Code
BionaBaked Beans - Organic6 x 400gVF222
BionaChilli Beans - Organic6 x 395gVF042
BionaChilli Black Beans - Organic6 x 400gNot Batch Tested Gluten FreeVF227
BionaEdamame Beans12 x 200gVF306
BionovaBaked Beans - Organic6 x 340gJarredVF495
Chef WilliamRed Kidney Beans-Catering Size6 x 2.50kgVF020
GeoEdamame Beans In Water6 x 400gVF133
Geo OrganicsBlack Beluga Lentils Organic6 x 400gVF094
Hodmedod'sBritish Baked Beans12 x 400gVF120
Hodmedod'sCarlin Peas12 x 400gBritish, 'Black Badgers'VF212
Hodmedod'sOrganic Vaal Dhal - British12 x 400gVF129
Hodmedod'sOrganic Whole Fava Beans12 x 400gVF098
SumaAduki Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF675
SumaBaked Beans - Low Sugar12 x 400gOrganic, Agave SweetenedVF800
SumaBaked Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF550
SumaBaked Beans - Organic6 x 2.65kCatering SizeVF750
SumaBlack Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF625
SumaBlack Beluga Lentils - Organic12 x 400gVF230
SumaBlack Chick Peas - Organic12 x 400gVF300
SumaBlackeye Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF015
SumaBorlotti Beans12 x 400gVF707
SumaBorlotti Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF630
SumaButter Beans12 x 400gVF119
SumaButter Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF645
SumaCannellini Beans12 x 400gVF709
SumaCannellini Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF395
SumaChick Peas12 x 400gVF117
SumaChick Peas - Organic12 x 400gVF642
SumaChick Peas - Organic6 x 2.6kgCatering SizeVF785
SumaGreen Lentils - Organic12 x 400gVF647
SumaHaricot Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF644
SumaMixed Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF649
SumaMixed Beans - Organic6 x 2.6kgCatering SizeVF795
SumaRed Kidney Beans12 x 400gVF118
SumaRed Kidney Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF643
SumaSix Bean Mix12 x 400gVF711
Triple LionChick Peas - Catering Size6 x 2.50kgVF021
Whole EarthBaked Beans - Organic12 x 400gVF161