Shop Locally, Cook Seasonally

The Natural Food Store Cook Book

The Natural Food Store has produced its own cook book, compiled by members Rosie Hall, Rachel Lindley, Janie Percy-Smith and Helen Philpott. It is available from the shop for just £5.99. It contains 56 pages of recipe ideas and comes with protective outer pages.

They write “The title of the book reflects our aim of developing recipes which celebrate both the fresh produce in season, available from your own gardens and allotments, from hedgerows, or from Harris’s on North Lane in Headingley, and the kaleidoscope of ingredients available within our very own Natural Food Store.

These recipes have been drawn together from the accumulated culinary knowledge of four women who work, have families, gardens, etc, but love to make time to cook, and eat, tasty food. The recipes reflect the passing seasons, but also take account of the practicalities of busy lives and different tastes. None of the recipes requires any special equipment or expertise. All recipes are vegetarian and some are vegan or can easily be adapted for vegans. You will find suggestions for variations on many recipes, using alternative ingredients, as well as tips from our experience.

We hope you enjoy exploring and adding to these. We are particularly keen to avoid waste, so many recipes include tips for transforming left-overs into another delicious meal. Unless suggested otherwise, all recipes are designed to satisfy four healthy appetites!